Here’s Why Your Timeline Is About To Be Flooded By Tiny T-Rex Arms

Written by: Nicole Zalat

November 18, 2015

This post comes from our pals at Disney•Pixar who are about to take you on an epic journey in their latest film, The Good Dinosaur. Join in on the adventure when The Good Dinosaur hits theatres in 3D on November 25!

As a dog owner, your life is ruled by “What ifs.” What if you hadn’t seen that online posting about a dog that needed a temporary home? What if you hadn’t swung by the shelter on your way home from work? What if dinosaurs hadn’t gone extinct when they did and now roamed the earth making unlikely friendships with tiny humans?

"Omg it's like the story of me and my human!"

Okay, so maybe you don’t ask yourself that last one very often, but you will soon. The folks at Disney•Pixar (who brought us Up and Finding Nemo) are inviting us to consider what the world may have been like if giant dinosaurs had never become extinct in the film The Good Dinosaur. It’s a story about an apatosaurus named Arlo who meets his human in a chance encounter, changing their lives forever in a single moment. Sound familiar?

It’s the classic boy and dog story, except the roles are reversed in a tale only Disney•Pixar can bring to life. Arlo and his human friend Spot go on an epic journey together, overcoming obstacles and facing fears across a beautiful landscape.

Source: Disney•Pixar

To celebrate this magical story of true friendship, dogs everywhere are showing us their best dinosaur impressions (because what’s more hilarious than tiny T-Rex arms). Here are some BarkPack pups who are totally ready for #DinoWeek!

1. “If you’re happy and you know it clap your….oh.”




3. When you’re pretending to be a vicious T-Rex but your human thinks you want belly scratchies. #fine #ifyoumust


4. “Dude, is there a hamburger joint around here somewhere? I’m famished.”


5. “I’m a nomnivore! I hunt for only the finest noms in all the land!”


Join in on the #DinoWeek fun by posting pics of your dog’s #tinytrexarms on Instagram. Tag @thegooddinosaur and @BarkBox in your caption to enter a sweeps for a chance to win a prize pack from Disney and Barkbox! And don’t forget to check out The Good Dinosaur in theatres in 3D on November 25! Rawwwwr!

Featured image via @barkleysircharles

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

November 18, 2015

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