The Meaning Of Hygge, As Told By Dogs

Written by: Will Storie

June 13, 2017

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Anybody already feeling a little nostalgic for Sunday? We love Sundays because they are perfect for sleeping, and snuggling, and all things hygge.

Hygge is a Danish concept that’s a little hard to nail down, but we think this definition does a good job of capturing the essence.

If you’re like us, then your brain immediately goes to hygge = dogs. Not only do they make our good moments better; they’re also masters of appreciating a good moment, too. Case in point!

Hygge is… when you wake up without an alarm on a sun-drenched pillow with nowhere to go for hours.

“Hold my calls. I’m having a full-day meeting with this blankie.”

… When you curl up with a luxe throw and finally find the time to read the magazine that’s been sitting on your desk for ages.

“This will give me plenty to talk about at my next kibble party.”

… When you slowly sip on a drink while you sit and think.

“Do squirrels bury acorns to hide them… or just as an excuse to dig them up?”

… When a yummy pizza puts you in a cozy food coma.

“Lets hold off on walkies for a little bit. I’m spent.”

… When you get lost in a luxurious palace of pillows.

“There is very tight security in the fort, but I guess you can come in.”

… When you have a warm conversation in front of a roaring, crackling, fire.

“Alright, boys. Let’s have a bow-wow.”

… When you turn yourself into the coziest blanket burrito.

“I’ve got hygge eyes, I’ll take some treats on the side.”

Who else could really use a nap right about now? We’re just going to keep working over here with one eye open. Meanwhile, we’d suggest that you make a blankie fort with your dog and get hygge with it. And if you and your dog have any epic hygge moments together, send us a pic!

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Written by: Will Storie

June 13, 2017