The Tale of the Three Brothers

Written by: Stacie Grissom

March 6, 2013

Once there were three puppy brothers at a shelter in Brooklyn, NY— Odin, Pancho, and Mitch.

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Odin was the restless, beboppin’ pup who couldn’t sit still. Pancho was the alpha caretaker. And Mitch was the biggest pup of all, but everyone knew he was the soft little brother.

three puppy brothers

One day the Brooklyn shelter held an event and the three pup brothers were adopted. (♥♥♥!)

Odin moved to Williamsburg…

Pancho moved to Greenpoint…

And Baby Mitch moved to the Lower East Side.

With these guys, Stacey and Chris. ♥


And Mitch was happy. Very happy.

There was lots of snoozin’…

And snow rollickin’.

And Mitch grew. A LOT.

Mitch grew a bit too big to romp around in Manhattan, so Mitch and the fam moved to Bushwick.

Where there was still lots of ruv. ♥

But Mitch couldn’t help but wonder,


So Mitch did a little digging on the Interwebz…

But he couldn’t find Odin or Pancho. 🙁 (Mitch isn’t very good at the Internet.)


Mitch was a little bit sad, but he still had a wonderful ruving family and he was happy about that. 🙂

Time rolled by and Mitch had his first birthday.

Party hats and BarkBoxes all around. #score!


But then, Mitch’s paps said, “Mitch, lets go to the park.”

Odin and Pancho were at the park waiting for Mitch! (Turns out Mitch’s mams and paps are quite good at the Interwebz and tracked the brothers down.) 🙂

There was lots of runnin’…

… and playin’…

… and wraslin’…

…and pesterin’…

…and doing all those rambunctious things that brothers do.

Like chompin’…

…and chasin’…


…And brother-snackin’.

There were some family portraits…

(With more wraslin’ of course.)

And Mitch was happy. ♥


Brother reunion pics by Isabelle Selby.

BarkPost Editor’s Note: Mitch’s paps, Chris, is the newest chap in the BarkBox office. ♥ Due to Mitch’s giant dog beast size, Mitch is an honorary BarkBox Office Pup. #ruv

Written by: Stacie Grissom

March 6, 2013

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