Yellow Lab Offers Warmth And Relief As Town’s First Crime Victim Advocate

Dealing with crime and trauma is never easy. For many victims, the process is scary and uncertain. That's why a brilliant Yellow Lab, Charles, is going to change things up in the Delta County Prosecutor's Office. He's calm, sweet, and he reserves no judgement. [bp_related_article] Charles will be making victims of crimes feel more comfortable, which can be especially helpful with young children. Pups like Charles can help create a safe and communicative space, and the effect he has on victims is priceless. Delta County Prosecutor, Philip Strom, hopes that Charles will be a positive influence on other counties, and that soon other offices will adopt dogs like him for victim advocacy and therapy. charles Watch this "yooper," a native of Michigan's upper peninsula, get ready for his first day on the job. We think Charles has the skills to succeed with flying colors!
H/t via ABC 10 News

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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