Dog Photobooths Are Not Only Adorable But Also Helping Them Get Adopted

Written by: Stephanie Figy

December 8, 2014

Many shelters and rescues benefit from a photographer volunteering his or her time to take pictures that capture the animals’ pawsonality and help get them adopted. A strong image often increases the animal’s chance of getting noticed on social media or adoption websites. This is very much the case at the Humane Society of Utah, where photographer Guinnevere Shuster has had tremendous luck with her photobooth style photos.


copy 1

Pitbulls wait way too long for their furever homes. But that wasn’t the case with Teton, who was adopted one day after his photobooth pictures went on Facebook.

The shelter has been using these photos for about six months, and these are some of the dogs who have found their happily ever afters.


copy 2 riley

Typically puppies go home fast anyway, but surely Riley’s smile (top left) helped seal the deal.


copy 3 tate

Hopefully Tate continues to make that derpy face every time his new hoomans pull out the treats.


copy 4 phoenix

You can definitely see the pup in this senior dog’s face. Luckily, Phoenix found a home to live out his glory days.


copy 5 toby

Toby’s adopters sure are lucky to see that big, goofy smile every day!


copy 6 piper

Piper can be derptastic in the comfort of her own home now.


copy 7 bay

Bay wasn’t at the shelter long after his gorgeous shots went on Facebook.


copy 8 remi

Who could possibly resist Remi’s smile?


chikka copy 9

Chikka found a family to keep up with her! Hopefully they throw her lots of treats, too.

For more photos, or to see who is still waiting for their furever home, check out the Humane Society of Utah’s Facebook page.

Featured image and all other images via The Humane Society of Utah and The Humane Society of Utah Facebook

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Written by: Stephanie Figy

December 8, 2014