Man Tricks Thieves Into Stealing Package Of Dog Poop

Written by: Zoe Costello

December 14, 2015

Package theft is a common occurrence, especially during the holiday season, but this year, Eric Burdo had a brilliant and doo-doo-plicitious retaliation scheme.

The Las Vegas homeowner was “fed up” with the onslaught of packages being stolen in his neighborhood, and decided to give the local, parcel pilferers a taste of their own medicine.


Burdo’s revenge? Get an empty box and cram it full of dog crap! Poo-yeah!

Ever since his car was broken into, Burdo’s house has been equipped with security cameras so now he (and the Internet) can laugh at footage of the thieves getting caught red brown handed.

“One day I kind of just thought about cleaning up the poop and putting it in a box and that’s what I did,” Burdo told KTNV news, “I just kind of wanted to give them back something.”

Aww, now that’s how to spread some Christmas cheer!

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H/t via KTNV
Featured image via BDCwireand Reddit

Written by: Zoe Costello

December 14, 2015