20 Things You’ll Never Do Again Now That You’re A Pup Parent

You might not think about it that often, but there was a time when you lived your life without the tender caresses of your pup’s nose to wake you in the morning. How much life has changed!

Here are 20 things you’ll never do again now that you have a dog:

1. Clean up after yourself.

dog lick
Image via MemeMaker

2. Visit the dog park alone.

Image via GoPro YouTube

3. Tell the truth.

Image via We Know Memes

4. Travel without guilt.

Image via DogShaming

5. Sleep in past 7am without getting licked.

Image via Cosasde Animales YouTube

6. Stalk other people’s dogs on Instagram.

Image via Neatorama

7. Avoid using the words “poop” and “eat” in the same sentence.

Image via DogShaming


8. Own nice things.

repeat offender
Image via Flickr

9. Own REALLY nice things.

repeat offender 2
Image via DogShaming

10. Swear you’ll never be THAT dog parent.

Image via DogShaming

11. Show people pictures of your PARENT’s dog.

parents dog
Image via Flickr

12. Garden.

Image via Cozy Crooked Cottage

13. Give lame excuses to your friends.

Image via Meme Generator

14. Question if you were a “cat person.”

Image via DogWorld

15. Look for roommates who have dogs.

Image via Jahya

16. Buy paper towels by the roll. You’re buying bulk now.

Image via DogShaming

17. Awkwardly admit to cutting the cheese (now, blame the dog :P).

Image via Sad And Useless

18. Eat a sandwich without worrying about it being stolen.

Image via DogShaming

19. Choose furniture and clothing because you liked it (not because it matched the cloud of dog fur that follows you around).

Image via BarkPost

20. Live an empty, meaningless existence plagued by vacuity and self doubt.

Image via Troutbirder

Featured image via @silhoupette

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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