The 5 Stages Of Emotion Every Dog Experiences When Getting A BarkBox

Reviewed by Nicole Zalat

January 31, 2016

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#1 on my list of “Reasons Life Doesn’t Suck” is watching my dog wag her tail with glee because of something I did. Knowing a dog is happy just feels good, which is why one of my favorite roles here at BarkPost is seeing our lovely readers share videos of their pups getting their BarkBoxes.

When I saw this magical video of Maple, I turned to my fellow BarkPosties at the office and said, “I wish I was a dog so I could get a BarkBox.” If I’m having a rough day, I look up #BarkBoxDay and add happy wrinkles to my face enjoying all the fluffiness and booty wiggles.

As a self-appointed expert in BarkBox Unboxing Videos*, I’ve learned that getting a BarkBox can be an emotional process for some dogs.

*This is in the “Special Skills” section of my résumé. My real job title is Puppy Butt Scratcher. #careergoals

Once your dog learns the box contains toys and treats picked out just for them, prepare to watch them go through these five stages of emotions.

1. The Acknowledgement Stage

Dogs are notorious for never checking their emails, so they never know when their BarkBox has been shipped and is on its way. That’s why the first stage is the acknowledgement stage, during which your dog actually realizes it’s #BarkBoxDay.

Most of this period might be spent pawing at the box, because that’s an effective way to rub in their human’s face the fact that they got a box and you didn’t. (It’s also petty as hell, but that’s none of my business.)

And then it finally sets in: IT’S BARKBOX DAY, B*TCHES.

2. The Excitement Stage

At this point, the tail wags intensify and your dog’s whimpering and general begging may increase. You can tell they’re just dying to tear through that box and get to the goods.

3. The Celebration Stage

This is also known as The Intense Squeakiness Phase. Common symptoms include: toys thrown in the air, the happy scarfing down of treats, and the squeaking of plushies with total abandon. For the human, this is the point at which the thoughts “I’m the best pup parent in the entire world” and “I wish I could be my dog for a day” may cross your mind.

4. The Utter Chaos Stage

Good luck getting your dog’s attention at this point. This is the messiest and most intense of the five stages, as your dog comes to the realization that she can’t play with all the toys at once (although she’ll keep trying to). Don’t try to understand your dog’s behavior at this point. Just observe and try to withhold judgement.

5. The #BarkBoxWasted Stage

You know your dog has reached the end of his emotional process when he reaches this last stage. It’s kind of like a hangover for dogs. Expect it to last anywhere between 6-20 minutes, after which your dog might go back to Stage Three.


Get your first BarkBox for only $5 with a 6 or 12 month subscription until Jan. 20, 2017!

We hope this handy guide will help you identify the emotional stages your pup goes through when getting their BarkBox! To get your pup featured in future posts like this one, send us your videos and pictures on BarkFeed!

Featured images via @andreau & @brianac on BarkFeed

Reviewed by Nicole Zalat

January 31, 2016