Instagram Celebri-Toddler’s Birthday Gift Is the Most Adorable Thing In The World

You might already know Carter and his best friend/rescue dog, Toby. If not, you can learn more about the inseparable duo here. dog-toddler Carter is celebrating his second birthday this month. His parents racked their brains for the perfect gift for their little boy, but then they realized he already had the best present they could give. carter-and-toby "Watching him snuggle and giggle with Toby, it was easy for us to see what we needed to do," says pup and hooman mom Devin Crouch. "There is no tangible item in the world that could give him the joy and love that Toby gives to him." pup-toddler So they launched #carterswish. Through the rest of October, post a picture of yourself and/or pooch helping your local shelter or rescue. Add #carterswish, @carterandtoby, and @iandloveandyoupet. For every photo (up to 500), I and Love and You will donate a meal to an animal in need at the Humane Society of Indianapolis. cartertobywish Every time you give your time, you'll be giving to what Carter loves most — rescue animals. So make a boy's birthday wish come true. tobycarter Images via @carterandtoby and

Stephanie Figy

7 years ago

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