Two Missing Legs Didn’t Stop This Abandoned Pup From Zooming Into A Forever Home

Written by: People Pets

February 12, 2015

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It’s hard to tell when Joey the Chihuahua zips by that he is only running with two legs.

The 6-year-old pooch was found wandering around Southern California on Tuesday without tags or a microchip, according to the Associated Press.

Images via ABC 6

San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control picked up the Chihuahua after receiving a call about an injured dog. Rescuers didn’t find an injured animal though: They found Joey happily racing around, even though he was missing most of a front and back leg.

Based on how easily Joey moves, animal care officers believe that the dog was born with only two legs and has learned how to adapt to his differences over time.

Image via Yahoo!News

After spending a few days in the shelter waiting for an owner to come forward, the upbeat Chihuahua was put up for adoption. Numerous animal lovers applied to take home the dog, but it was Doug Smith, a supervising animal control officer, who became Joey’s pet parent.

Smith brought Joey home as a gift to his daughter. The officer and his family are looking forward to giving the pup a full and active life.

“It’s my first dog, and I’m going to train him the best I can and make sure he has fun and has the best life,” Smith’s daughter, Rodri, told UPI.

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Written by: People Pets

February 12, 2015

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