13 Signs Your Dog Is The Forever Love Of Your Life (As Told By Gifs)

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

June 11, 2015

When you look at your dog, gaze into their eyes and just hold the stare…do you ever feel as though you guys are connected? On a deeper, more intense level? Like a soul connection? For life?

dog staring gif

I do. All the time. It’s like we’re the same being. We share the same molecules. But before I get super metaphysical, here are some more grounded ways in which you and your dog basically share a soul.

1. Your morning schedule is exactly the same.

The alarm goes off. You look at each other, roll over, and fall back asleep. The alarm goes off again. This time you look at each other and snuggle in. The alarm goes off yet again. This time you both reluctantly drag yourselves outta bed. Good morning and good luck.


2. You make identical expressions.

side eye expressions

Major side-eye? You’ve both got the look down pat. Spaced out? #Twinsies. That face that says “Delivery and Netflix?” Ummm…every night.

3. You find the same things entertaining.

You could spend hours doing random things together.

Same past times

And you do. Often.

4. You’re perfectly content in each other’s company.

Swinging pup

5. Like, you can spend the day working hard…

giphy (4)

6…Or hardly working, and either way, it’s totes cool.

sleepy dog people

7. You even share the same taste in music!


8. It’s like you just know when the other needs something.

Pizza pup

9. And this is your version of finishing each other’s sentences.

you don't even need to tell them what to do

Which is, in fact, a lot more helpful than literally finishing someone’s sentence.

10. Your ★NSYNC-ness leaves everyone in awe.

sync ness

It’s like a beautiful dance that the world has the joy of witnessing, but for you two, it’s just living.

11. People constantly comment on how you’re never without each other, and how similar you two are.

it's like you guys complete each other

And you’re like, “Thanks, we know.”

12. No one shenanigans the way you two do.

no one shenanigans the way you two do

13. Because, at the end of the day, you guys are one and the same. You were cut from the same cloth and you were meant to be.


Featured image via @skyler_jay_28/Instagram

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Written by: Tasmai Uppin

June 11, 2015

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