6 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Turn Your Pup Into An Instagram Celeb

Written by: Katie Haller

November 6, 2015

In an ideal world, every pup parent could pawtner up with a celebrity and just ride on their coattails.

But in reality, Ariana Grande and a professional photographer are not always on hand, so you have to work with what you’ve got. And that’s your precious pup.

Suzanne Donaldson, founder of Mrs. Sizzle, the rescue awareness meets doggy couture site, and former photo director for Glamour, shared some of the saucy secrets shared by the most famous celebredogs on the Internet like Tuna


…Doug The Pug…


…Or Marnie The Dog.

Let’s start with the basics.

1. Make sure the sun is behind you.

For natural and even lighting, this is essential. Suzanne’s mantra as revealed in InStyle is, “Favorite treat in one hand, squeaky toy in the other, sun behind you.”



2. Get Low (As the great philosopher Flo Rida once said).

If you want them to #werk, you’re gonna have to work.


The results will be worth it.


3. Accessorize.

I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure there is a direct correlation between the amount of swag on a dog and Instagram likes. Also, I’m pretty sure that’s not science. Stay with me.


We don’t all have tiny aviators or leather coats, but even a simple bandana can help spice things up.


4. Basic backgrounds are best.

This is one of the simplest hacks to making your photos look high-end. The focus of the pic should be your pup. Anything else makes it too complicated.


5. Get up close and pawsonal.


6. Speak their language. Yes, bark.

Suzanne suggests, “Bark at your beast. It gets them to pay attention. My Labradoodle, Gus, will look at me like ‘hashtag headtilt.’ It’s hysterical!” says Donaldson to InStyle.



Last, but certainly not least, your dog has to genuinely enjoy posing and being on camera. If your dog hates sitting still, or getting dressed up, don’t force it. Some dogs were just born for this.


H/t to InStyle

Featured image via @EllaBeanTheDog

Written by: Katie Haller

November 6, 2015