Your Weekly Dingus: Meet Buttons, A Shiba With Identity Issues

This is Buttons. He's not your typical Dingus. He's a Service Dingus, which proves that even the smartest dogs are not free from dingus traits. dingusbuttons20 This is a dog that can lead his human around Grand Central station at rush hour, yet is baffled by his own farts. "I DIDN'T HEAR IT COME OUT BUT IT IS HERE AND IT IS POTENT. WHY ARE FARTS?" dingusbuttons11 Sometimes being a dingus is situational. Being a dingus isn't always about how you look. It's about how you feel. Some men rock a bow tie like: bowtiegif Buttons is a little more like: dingusbuttons18 Seriously don't try and dress this dingus. He refuses to wear anything unless it's a bow tie. dingusbuttons21 It reminds me of that Britney Spears song, "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman." He's on the line. Which, if you really think about it, being unable to decide whether or not to embrace your dinghushood is actually one of the most dingus-y things a dingus can dingus. Ya dig us? "I'm not a dog. Not yet a dingus." dingusbuttons2 Dingus decisions are so perplexing. Like, "I'M NOT SURE IF I WANT TO SIT HERE. WHAT IF I MAKE THE WRONG CHOICE? IS IT TOO EARLY TO NAP? BECAUSE I KNOW MYSELF AND WHEN I LIE DOWN ON THE BED I ALWAYS FALL ASLEEP AND IF WE'RE GOING FOR A WALK SOON I DON'T WANT TO BE ALL GROGGY AND UGH LIFE IS HARD." dingusbuttons7 "Maybe I'll walk over to the other side of the bed and decide how I feel. I STILL CAN'T DECIDE. DAMNIT." dingusbuttons8 He can have some swag in the streets. dingusbuttonswalk But he's a TOTAL dingus in the sheets. dingusbuttons5 If you don't believe me, here's this: dingusbuttons13 #IWOKEUPLIKEDINGUS dingusbuttons16 #ANDFELLASLEEPLIKEDINGUS dingusbuttons3 When you think you have to sneeze but then you realize you're just a dingus. dingusbuttons1 When you try to sensually eat whipped cream but it ends up on your face because, come on, you're a dingus. Did you really think you could just see that in a movie and nail it the first time? dingusbuttons22 Seriously, do you and the bedroom need to get your own room? Why must you lick inanimate objects so sensually? We'll file this under #DirtyDingus moves. dingusbuttons23 And maybe this one, too. dingus12buttons He is an introvert, as many a dingi are. This is actually how I feel in most social situations. dingusbuttonsawkward1 The classic "Let me pretend like I'm all cool and collected but internally I'm like 'WHY HAVEN'T ANY OF MY FRIENDS SHOWN UP YET?'" dingusbuttonsawkward2 And then you try to just go for it and introduce yourself and say something like "I'm good to meet you!" and you're like "I can't do this." dingusbuttons6 We'll leave you with his Dingus Hall Of Fame Pic: dingusbuttons17 Upload a picture to Instagram or Twitter using #ShowMeYourDingus to submit your pup to be our next Dingus Of The Week!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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