What Happened When Some of Michael Vick’s Most Traumatized Dogs Met 5 Years Later

In 2008, Best Friends Animal Society took in 22 dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels. While many people believed that these dogs were damaged goods and should be euthanized, Best Friends believed these dogs deserved a chance so they set out to prove it. (Source: Julie Castle’s TED Talk)

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where the Vicktory dogs were rehabilitated.

The staff at Best Friends worked with the dogs until they learned to trust and love humans and dogs again. Many of the Vicktory dogs went on to find loving new homes and live the normal life a dog is supposed to live. But in 2013, the folks at Best Friends hosted a reunion for a few of the pups… And you would never believe that these dogs were taught to hate each other a few years prior. <3

Featured image via Handsome Dan and Vicktory Dog Mel

*Huge thanks to Handsome Dan‘s mom for clarifying our previous title! Truly, truly did not mean to offend anyone with the term aggressive, we just wanted to bring it to the public’s attention that there is hope in the most dire situations and that dogs are some of the most resilient beings on earth. <3

Stacie Grissom

7 years ago