12 Facts About Dogs We Thirstily Drank From The Cup Of Knowledge

Reviewed by Brandon Rhoads

January 31, 2016

Nothing strengthens a relationship like learning more about the other person in it. Even if that other person is a dog!


And there’s no better place to learn about your pup than BarkPost Discover, where we cover the latest breaking developments in the science of dogs and the technology of making dogs cooler—if that’s even physically pawssible!

1. Dog’s Emotions Are Contagious! Does this explain the effects of cute puppies? Or is it really a way for our dogs to show they care?


2. How Long Have Dogs Been “Man’s Best Friend?” It turns it our relationship may be overdue a few anniversary presents!


3. Hey, Why Do We Call Them “Man’s Best Friend” Anyway? Good question! But it’s the answer that just might bring a tear to your eye.


4. 13 Ways To Make Your Dog’s Vet Visits Fear Free Keep your pup comfortable at the most dreaded pet destination on Earth… the vet’s office!



5. A Breed You’ve Never Heard Of Is The Reason We Fight Animal Cruelty Today: It turns out this “extinct” breed had a greater impact on our dogs and the way we treat them than we know!


6. Everyone Is Obsessed With Tanu The “Raccoon Dog,” And We Don’t Blame Them. Whatever he is, we love him!


7. This “Old Dog” Disease Can Be Mistaken For Stroke, But Is Something Else Entirely. Everything from head tilts to shaky limbs could be a sign of this disease, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to panic.


8. WE LEARNED WHY CONAN IS THE MOST PATRIOTIC DOG LOVER OF ALL TIME!!! Way to support the troops Conan. All the troops. (What does this have to do with science? Look, if you can’t learn something about your relationship with your dog by watching Conan O’Brien get taken down by a U.S. military K9, then I don’t know why you have a dog.)


9. Those Darling Little Bush Dogs – Another glimpse at the wild side of the dog! One of these little animals just might be your dog’s cousin!


10. Winter Myths Dispelled – Here are few necessary truths about dogs and the winter time.


11. To Dew, Or Not To Dew Claw? That Is The Question. And the answer is pretty complicated.


12. We Revisited This Important Topic: A Clean Water Dish And Your Dog’s Health. Seriously. How long would you drink out of the same cup without washing it?


Stay tuned the rest of the week for more groundbreaking, heartwarming, motherpupping coverage of all things dog science. Woof!

Featured image via @instacarmen

Reviewed by Brandon Rhoads

January 31, 2016