11 Discoveries We Made About Dogs This Week

One of the best things about being the BarkPost Discover editor is that I learn something new about my dog every day. And everything I learn only helps me take better care of my dog and have more fun with my dog. At the end of the day, the better I understand my dog, the happier my dog becomes. rick The only thing as fun as sharing that experience with my dog is sharing that experience here on BarkPost Discover, so that each of you can have the chance to learn more about your dog and love them all the better for it. So here are 11 things we learned about our dogs this week. Click the link to see the full story: Jan. 18 - 24, 2016 1. The Winter Blues levi_ingham_2005 This week, as the North East snow storm loomed, we asked the question, "Can your dog get the winter blues?" And by "winter blues" we mean: seasonal affective disorder. The answer revealed a lot about how we influence our dogs. 2. Winter Safety ice Every winter so many dogs are injured by falling through thin ice on small bodies of water like ponds and lakes. These 6 tips will let you have fun with your pup, but keep you guys safe on the ice, m'kay!!! 3. Pups To The Rescue! carda Because if you don't follow the tips above, you might not be lucky enough to have one of these pups come save you! SQUEE!!! 4. Cogito, Ergo Canis eyekategod Digging deeper into the philosophical boneyard, we investigated Julie Hecht's answer to the question, "Do Dogs Know Other Dogs Are Dogs?" 5. Copy Cats judasago Your dog may understand more of what you mean to say than you think. Wink wink. 6. Cute Samaritans coop Turns out cute puppies help people in distress because why? BECAUSE CUTE PUPIIES!!! 7. Dogs: 1, Robots: 0 woof The military just spent a lot of time and money to learn something I could already have told you: dogs are way, way better than robots. 8. Grandpa Played Fetch With Sticks. We Play With BarkBoxes. stick Yeah, those rickety, germ-covered, splintery sticks might not make the best toy after all. 9. Squirrels. 'Nuff said. sullivan_stacy Do dogs really chase squirrels because of "killer instinct," or is just because squirrels are @$$holes? 10. When Dogs Walk, They Mean Business gps They're clearly getting more out of those morning walks than we are. 11. Dogs: 1, :Cheetahs: 0 dog-chasing-cheetah-1-808x500 And in the most surprising story of the week, even Mother Nature herself was humbled by the bravery of one little dog who, mere moments away from becoming Cheetah-food, turns the tables in a deadly chase and sends the Cheetah packing!!! You have got to see this for yourself!
Featured image via @rosienfriends

Brandon Rhoads

6 years ago

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