5 Reasons To Encourage Your Monster Of Destruction

Written by: Melina Giakas

March 13, 2016

While I love to treat Levi like my little human child there’s nothing that reminds me he’s still a dog more than watching him tear his toys to shreds. If you’ve ever watched your dog do something similar and thought to yourself “this is why we can’t have nice things” we’re probably on the same page. 😉

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Posted by Lottie on Monday, March 7, 2016


While the endless amounts of fluff can be frustrating there are actually benefits to letting your pup tear their toys apart. We recently spoke with Shelby Semel, a Trainer from New York City, to learn the in’s and out’s of why you should be encouraging your dog’s destructive mentality.

1. Relieves Stress

Dogs experience different types of anxiety. Some become anxious when left alone while others become overwhelmed due to new environments. Chewing is a great outlet for them to release this built up tension in a way that’s fun and exciting.

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2. Fights Boredom

Chewing is a very natural craving for dogs even when they’re not stressed. Giving them something to dig their teeth into will keep them entertained and distracted from other mischief.

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3. Strengthens Your Bond

Not only is playing with your dog a way to bond, it can also act as a positive reinforcement training tool. Trainer Shelby Semel recommends having your dog follow a command such as sit or stay before rewarding them with a toy. This allows your dog to earn the fun of playing while strengthening the bond the two of you have.

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4. Encourages Appropriate Chewing

Toys are known to prevent your dog from forming inappropriate chewing habits. Shelby recommends giving your dog something of their own to chew on to keep them from getting to that new couch or rug.

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5. Keeps Them Active

It can be tough to keep your dog active during rainy or hot days. Allowing your dog to run and thrash a toy around can help them stay active on days where they aren’t getting the same amount of exercise.

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Written by: Melina Giakas

March 13, 2016

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