The First Time Her Dog Showed Affection, It Saved This Woman’s Life.

Josie Conlon's rescue dog, Ted, was very rarely affectionate with her, so she was surprised when he started to cry while nuzzling and pawing at her chest. The English mother-of-three was right to take note of Ted's out-of-character behavior - it's what saved her life. The two-year-old Collie sniffed out a grade three tumor in the nick of time. "When I got the results from the hospital and was told the cancer had not spread the relief I felt was incredible and it is all down to Ted,” Conlon told The Telegraph. "It was also at this point that I was told that the tumor I had was particularly aggressive and had been growing very quickly." tedtumordog2 The tumor has since been removed, and Conlon is on the road to recovery. She still has 18 weeks of chemotherapy and 4 weeks of radiation therapy, but things look promising. Conlon is incredibly grateful to her pup and stresses that other dog owners should pay attention to their dog's intuition. tedtumordog "I think a lot of people would probably just push a dog away if it started clawing at their chest, but dog owners should take notice, because Ted really did save my life,” Conlon said to The Telegraph  
Source and Images via The Telegraph

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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