20 Powerful Photos That Reveal The Lives Of Working Dogs Around The World

Photographer Andrew Fladeboe travels the world photographing working dogs amongst other subjects. Why? Because through his project, “The Shepherd’s Realm” he wants to spread awareness of the brilliance that these wonderful dogs seem to encapsulate. In an interview with National Geographic, Fladeboe shared what inspired him to photograph these hard working, resilient canines.
"I find the story of the working dog fascinating. Since that first gray wolf walked up to the campfire and made a pact with humanity 30,000-plus years ago, they have been working by our side in a number of roles. The very fact that two hunting species who competed for the same prey were able to team up together is quite unlikely and uncanny. We have evolved together. The dogs developing to fit the wide range of roles we asked of them, while we evolved into agricultural and industrial societies. Working dogs are still in widespread use today, and in fact the number of jobs they can perform grows every year. To me they represent the god’s greatest gift to humanity, a species sagacious and noble, willing to do whatever we ask of them and only asking for some food and a pat on the head in return."
Let's just say that Fladeboe does a seriously stellar job capturing the very emotion he talks about, in the photos above.
H/t to Bored Panda

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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