After Being Doused With Acid, This Tiny Yorkie Refuses To Give Up On Life

Mason is a 4-month old Yorkie puppy recovering from an unimaginable experience. Someone threw acid on him and left him to die. 1 mason Mason is recuperating in the gentle hands of specialists at Fulton County Animal Shelter in Sandy Springs, GA. However, he still has a long road to recovery ahead of him. The puppy was covered in chemical burns on most of his body. And he's still in danger of going blind and suffering from severe infection. 2 mason [bp_related_article] However, veterinary specialist Chris Piscatelli notes the positive in Mason's recovery:
"I think we're seeing some improvement. The wounds are clipped and clean. We put him on pain medication so I think he's more comfortable. His condition is stable."
3 mason Currently, the pup is learning how fun playtime and belly rubs are thanks to his foster mom, Nikki. A local news source reports that Mason's wounds are healing, though he is still battling some infections. However, he is growing back new skin and the ulcers in his eyes are healing, but he will have scars for the rest of his life. mason yorkie We hope the sweet pup makes a full recovery. The Lifeline Animal Project will be funding Mason's treatment and recovery. If you would like to make a donation to support his critical care, please see this site. Watch this video for more updates on Mason's condition: CBS46 News
Featured image via @NathaliePozo
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Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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