You Donut Understand How Excited These Dogs Are for Donut Day

Miles says, “DONUT underestimate the pawwer of pastries on National Donut Day.”

Norman doesn’t have to say anything at all. Isn’t it obvious that National Donut Day just fills the holes in his life?

Marnie is glazed and confused with happiness.
image (2)

Riley says, “I have a half-baked idea.”

Kingsley says, “Quit calling me a Machia-jelly-ian, Sailor!”
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Geordi whispers to the Giant Randy’s Donut sign, “Scoozi, why are you so self-centered?”

Jetta is reflective on this hole-y occasion.

Sadie says, “Eh mamz, I’ve run out of BarkBox toys and treats… Gonna knead some more dough to get some more.”
photo 1

Simon says, “The more donuts the batter.

IfitWags says, “I donut know how to get to that glazy goodness.”
trav-donut copy-2

Wally wants to know if he can give you a ring?

The Fugee says, “I’m here to paw-tect and serve… the donuts.”
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Mimi says, “Donuts?!? I need to get outta this dress and into mah fat pants!”
unnamed (1)

Chubbs the Pug says, “Ugh. I’m tired of this hole thing with the donut puns. Can I just eat the donut now?”

Stacie Grissom

8 years ago