Your Weekly Dingus: This Dog Drools So Much, They Call Him El Slobberito

Hello, welcome to your weekly dose of derp. This week's dingus needs no introduction. His name is El Slobberito. We'll start with my personal favorite of his dingus qualities, the fact that he is always watching. elslobberitohiding Always. elslobberitostaring Seriously, always. elslobberitowatching Even when you don't realize it. elslobberitohiding2 This dingus's defining trait is his glorious neck folds. They look like they could house a small family. Seriously, I feel like I could hide in there all winter and emerge a butterfly. elslobberitoballsneck He lives with his two sisters, Mandy and Emily. As you can see, he is dingusing in the background trying not to draw attention to himself while unintentionally being the most noticeable thing in this picture. elslobberitosisters He spends his days turd mining in the yard. You can always tell when he hits the jackpot. elslobberitograssderp Something interesting about Basset Hounds is that even when they are truly enthused, they manage to seem so lethargic. If you watch this video without sound it looks like your average hound howl. When you add sound, it sounds like he is being possessed by an irritable rooster. He has two emotions: overly ecstatic elslobberitohappy or completely apathetic. elslobberitobored When he sleeps, he likes to become a hamburger. elslobberitobedburger But his true love is bacon. It's really the only thing in life he gets excited about. elslobberitobaconlove He does not do well in the sun. As someone who is half British, I can relate to that. Every time I step outside without sunglasses I start squinting like I'm trying to read the bottom line during an eye exam. Kind of like El Slobberito. elslobberitosquinting And like many dinguses, he is always standing around like he needs something but is too afraid to ask. elslobberitochair "Hey guys. You left me outside. I'd open the door myself, but it's kind of hard when you don't have opposable thumbs. If you pass through on the way to the kitchen or something, do you think you could maybe let me inside? As you know, I don't do very well in the sun." elslobberitooutside He somehow always finds the most awkward place to position himself.

"Ugh, sitting is hard."-Dinguses elslobberitolap

"Like what do I do with my head?" elslobberitoawkwardchair

"Or my arms/body?" elslobberitoderpingground

Think your dog can out-derp El Slobberito? Submit your dingus here. elslobberitobowtie

Katie Haller

6 years ago

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