15 Ways Dogs Help You Fix Your Poor Sleeping Habits

There are ENDLESSS reasons why dogs are essential to any person's life. They’re fun, adorable, and can even help improve your health. Dogs have been linked to lower stress levels, happier hoomans, and can even help you regulate your sleep. Here are 15 ways your dog can help curb your restless ways. Please note: None of these suggestions have been advised by medical professionals. All recommendations have been proven & tested by me and Levi, my pawtner-in-crime. (Levi is my dog who has no medical associations besides once sniffing a doctor’s butt.) 1. You’ve inherited a new alarm clock (snooze button not included). Trust us - the only way to turn off those wet-nosed kisses is to wake up. 2. They demand you to have a full reserve of energy (AKA a well-rested hooman). dog running There’s no chance two feet can keep up with four paws without some shuteye. 3. Just watching them get the zoomies will have you feeling sleepy. How is that possible?! 4. They’ll protect you from the creepy noises outside your window. new afraid dog Or at least make you feel a bit safer with that big dog bark. 5. They’ll warm up the bed for ya. Not the weird warm-pee-in-your-bed way. 6. They’ll encourage you to exercise. dog person exercise new Dogs love to run, walk, play and take part in basically any energy expending activity – leaving you begging for bed. 7. They make for a great yoga pawtner. 11231809_887189164650469_1701850765163734218_n Release built-up tension with your number one sidekick. 8. Or running buddy. dog running Directing your attention away from your to-do list and on to how to keep up! 9. Watching them nap is bound to make you jelly. Yup, just about ready to snooze. 10. Cuddle sessions are proven to relieve stress. hug Proven by my dog and me. 11. You’ll establish a nighttime routine. new dog at dusk Like catch up on The Bachelor after your late night stroll. 12. Along with a new morning routine. new coffee dog You’ll most likely end up watching one of those early morning shows that all seem to be the same after your morning wakeup walk. 13. Late-night munchies will never keep you up. dog pizza 2 They’ll snatch up any late night snacks you try to sneak in. 14. You won’t stay up late sweating the small stuff. happy dog Once you take a look at their tongue-out happy-go-lucky face you’re bound to forget about all those silly troubles keeping ya up. 15. You’ll learn that the early dog gets the bone. morning dog 2 Not sure who started this doggone rumor but all pups swear by it. Be pawpared for an early morning wakeup bark or wet-nosed kiss.

Featured image via Flickr

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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