There Is a Cure for Parvo, and It’s All Thanks to… Geese?

Now here is something truly wonderful to bark about: a cure for parvo is in sight!

Parvovirous, a deadly disease that spreads through animal waste in crowded conditions such as shelters and kennels, has long been a death sentence for many dogs who contract it, particularly young pups. Treatment that is overly expensive – and, sometimes, arrives too late – has been a major roadblock to recovery in the past.


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But while exploring ways to treat West Nile virus disease in geese, North Dakota company Avianax discovered antibody technology that could possibly be applied to other species. In this case, pups were the lucky recipient of this “game-changing” technology!


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It’s still early in the testing stages, but of the 50 infected puppies from seven different states, 90% made a made a speedy recovery! Traditional treatment with antibiotics, painkillers, and intravenous fluids usually takes six days, which can sometimes be too long for a sick pup. In these new trials, the drug is shown to work as quickly as two days! These early results are certainly encouraging news for all dog ruvers!

Source: ABC News

Laura Hartle

8 years ago

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