The Shocking Truth About Dog Poop

We feel it’s our duty to drop some knowledge about doggie doody because these stats are gonna surprise you!

Photo via @kiltkid
Image via @kiltkid

Let’s talk numbers.

78.2 million dogs live in the U.S.
30,000 tons of doggy doo deposited daily.
10 million tons of waste per year.

That’s a whole lot of poo. Because of this, owners need to do their part in picking up after their pooches.

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Because according to the EPA, dog dung is non-point source pollution.

2-3 days worth of droppings from 100 dogs contributes enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all watershed areas within 20 miles to swimming and shell fishing.

Well, Shih-Tzu.

And the longer poo stays on the ground, the more contaminated it can become. Pup waste carries parasites and bacteria that can be transmitted directly to humans and make them sick. Now you know.

"Only you can prevent poop piles. That means you, hooman."
“Only you can prevent poop piles. That means you, hooman.”

Photo via @shazmoo13

Information via The Doody-Free Water Project

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