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10 Ways To Safety Check Your Home And Keep Your Pup Protected

This article is part of our BarkPost Home vertical, The Dogified Home, full of tips, tricks, product suggestions and styling ideas for creative ways to show off your dog love in your home schweet home. We all want our homes to be a safe and relaxing place for our pups. Here's a round up of ten places in your home to safety check to make sure your dog is happy, healthy, and not making mischief. 😇 1. Sharp corners or edges Just like a toddler or young child, pups can get injured on sharp edges. Make sure to take appropriate precautions by moving such furniture to areas of the house the dog doesn't frequent, or even away from sleeping areas. Low tables can also attract heavy chewers. black lab chews table 2. Little nooks and crannies Empty spaces between bookcases, the space around your garbage can and hard to reach spots for humans are pawfect places a dog could find a little bit of trouble. Make sure to clean areas from any lost trinkets or even food waste. mixed breed with garbage bag 3. Accessible wires and electronics Wire should be arranged or tied so they're not hypnotizing dogs to give it a good nibble. dog on laptop 4. Containers and cabinets It's essential to have locking containers and safety locks on low cabinets. Any hazardous materials or treats you were saving for later won't get broken into. This is a pawfect idea for stowing away any cleaning supplies. pug in kitchen 5. Furniture Check underneath the bed and any little spaces behind, next to, or underneath furniture where a pup could risk chewing or choking on lost or forgotten objects. dog on red couch 6. Loose windows or doors Any loose window screens can be dangerous for pups that love to watch activity, especially if there's a bird or cat he'd love to chase. Make sure all windows and doors close properly to ensure there won't be any surprise break outs. More so, safety gates are a lifesaver if you want some pup free zones. dog in window 7. Plants Some plants and flowers are gorgeous, but they can also be poisonous. Make sure to keep such plant life out of the house, or in an area where it cannot be accessed by your dog. For a comprehensive guide, check out this list. dogs sniff flowers 8. Loose small items, such as crafts and hobbies Tiny puzzles are adorable but not when your pup eats the pieces and has to go to the emergency vet! Small cases and containers with latches are perfect for storing jewelry projects, diys, and anything you're passionate about keeping teeth mark free. pug with stolen sock 9. Beauty products and toiletries It's so convienent to leave my favorite moisturizer and lip balm on my bedside table each night. However, it's also a wonderful place for my dog to get at it. Using functional storage options such as drawer organizers, locked boxes, and bathroom shelves keep my beauty products only in reach for me. dog with shampoo bottle 10. Apparel, accessories, and kid's toys I was a very upset 9 year old when I discovered that my pup had chewed not just one but two Barbie dolls. Of course, I didn't put my toys away that day and I learned my lesson. Make sure that shoes, clothes, and especially children's items are stowed away where curious paws or teeth can't get to them. dog chews doll
Featured image via stellaretriever and H/t via Apartment Therapy

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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