Defeat Cruella, Maleficent, Scar, & More BARK Disney Villains In Our Evilest PetSmart Collection Yet

Written by: Samantha Erb

August 1, 2022

No matter how dastardly their opponents, good dogs always play happily ever after. Get this collection (including Halloween villain costumes!) at PetSmart stores and online now!

bark disney villains

BARK Disney Villains PetSmart Collection:


ursula bark disney villain

Ursula never underestimates the importance of squeaker language! This poor unfortunate toy is sure to get the paw end of the deal. With its whip-n-flip tentacles and long & strong hair, pups who like to thrash are sure to drag this toy down, down, down, into the depths where it belongs.


iago bark disney villain

Get a—Ack!—good grip on this pesky parrot toy before it steals away. Iago can’t believe he got ahold of that stupid lamp, but it will be gone in a thrash once your dog chomps this chump. Don’t let his grunt squeaker squawk distract you. Squeeze him, pup. Squeeze him like a—Awk!

Evil Queen

evil queen bark disney villain

Turn the Evil Queen from fair to scare by tugging on her crazy crinkle dress and revealing the witch beneath. But please accept the sound of this toy squeaking as its defeat—no need for your pup to bring back its squeaker in a box.

Captain Hook

captain hook bark disney villain

Blast good form! Your pup can practice their crocodile chomp on this pirate toy until it squeaks defeat. Captain Hook is packed with fluff, so you may need Mr. Smee to swab the deck post-playtime.


cruella bark disney villain

This miserable multi-part toy is dressed for a perfectly wretched playtime. You can hide more than puppies in Cruella de Vil’s removable fur coat. Stick some treats inside and watch your pup get greedy! Fifteen! Fifteen treats! How marvelous!

Maleficent Dragon XL

maleficent dragon bark disney villain

Listen well, all of you. That squeak you hear is the sound of Maleficent Dragon casting a spell on playtime. This thrashable toy features whip-n-flip wings and tail to give your pup a fight AND flight response.

BARK Super Chewer Disney Villains PetSmart Collection:

Poison Apple

poison apple bark disney villains

Now, begin thy magic spell. Toss this natural rubber toy to your pup. Let its apple scent draw them in. Watch its wacky bounce intensify the hunt. Feel its strong-jaw squeaker encourage them to chomp down harder. OK, so fetch isn’t the FAIREST game of all.


scar bark disney villain

Long live the fling! Challenge your dog to a game of fetch with this natural rubber toy. Scar got the lion’s share of features, including a grunt squeaker for working on your roar, beef scent to lure play, and a wacky bounce you won’t want to turn your back on.

Captain’s Hook

captain's hook bark disney villains

In the interest of good form, we’ve promised not to lay a hand on Captain’s Hook. But paws and jaws are fair game! Your pup can grab, grip and chew this bacon-scented toy made of natural rubber and solid nylon! At least until they carry it off to Neverland with the other Lost Toys.

Jafar Costume Of Wonders

jafar dog costume

Did your pup’s wish to be Sultan of Snacks belly rub their genie the wrong way? They can still show off their phenomenal cosmic costume powers with this wearable collar and cape. Now all your dog needs is a henchman, er, um, we mean human.

Maleficent Dark Magic Costume

maleficent dog costume

“Did you hear that, my pet?” Your pup can set their trap for belly rubs with this BARK Maleficent Dark Magic Costume. But beware… this collar and cape will only make them look more adorable. Try as they might, good dogs are a disgrace to the forces of evil.

Shop the entire BARK Disney Villains collection at PetSmart stores or online!

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Written by: Samantha Erb

August 1, 2022

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.