The Best Dog Collars For Different Types Of Dogs

Every dog needs a collar, so why not spring for one with a little color and whimsy? One that perfectly matches their lifestyle and personality? Listed here are the four best dog collars for the dog who wouldn't be caught dead in a plain black nylon one. For the adventurer: KURGO MUCK COLLAR kurgo muck collar If you've got a dog who loves to chase waterfalls (and muddy puddles, and streams of pee, and --- okay, you get the point), then you know how difficult it is to get those wet stains out of their collar. The Kurgo Muck Collar is not only waterproof, but comes in a variety of colorful designs to match your dog's personal style. WHY WE LOVE IT: -Comes clean in seconds with just water -Lifetime warranty -Features a bottle opener because why not BUY HERE, $13-19 For the classiest mutherpupper in the dog park: SOFT TOUCH LUXURY COLLAR fancy collar WHY WE LOVE IT -Comes in sizes Small-XLarge -Beautiful two-toned color with sealed edge -Buckle and D-ring made with lacquered solid brass to prevent rust BUY HERE, $19-29 For the escape artist GOTAGS PERSONALIZED DOG COLLAR The biggest fear any dog parent has is losing their best friend, so this collar is great for giving you some peace of mind. Your dog's name and your phone number can be embroidered on the collar itself in any color of your choice, so in the event you get separated from your buddy, any good samaritan can save the day by calling the number. Traditional tags are hard to see from afar, and a runaway pup may be too scared to approach a human out in the wild. With this collar, your dog's details can be seen clearly, even if the collar is wet. WHY WE LOVE IT: -5 collar colors and 15 embroidery thread color options -Available in 4 adjustable sizes -Easy one-handed side release buckle BUY HERE, $18.95 For the dapper doge: LIONET PAWS COLLAR WITH BOWTIE Every dapper pupper needs a bow tie, and this collar makes it easy to be fashionable on the go! With five unique styles to choose from at an affordable price, you can spruce up your pup's closet with a few different options for those special occasions. WHY WE LOVE IT: -Available in Small-XLarge for a perfect fit -Removable bowtie can be attached to any collar for a customized look -High-quality cotton BUY HERE, $12.99-16.99 I'm *this close* to becoming a collar hoarder. Ah well, there goes next month's coffee budget. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Featured image via Instagram/@sullylefrenchie

Hope Bobbitt

4 years ago

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