71 Pups A Day Are Injured By A Collar, Is Your Dog Safe?

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

October 23, 2015

Did you know that an average of 26,000 dogs a year, or 71 a day are injured in a collar related accident? Neither did we, until the folks at PetSafe® sent us some great information about Collar Safety Awareness Week. We are in the midst of this educational initiative now, so it’s not too late to learn how to protect your pup. It runs from October 19 – 25.


Almost every dog wears a collar. They not only serve the important purpose of providing your pets with immediate identification should they become lost, they also allow you to show off your style with tons of different options. It’s amazing to think that such an innocent item could potentially cause your dog serious injury or even death.


Many collar related accidents occur when two dogs are playing and a tooth or jaw becomes snagged on the other pooch’s collar. This can result in a simple toothache, or a more serious injury like a broken tooth or fractured jaw.

Another common scenario is when a dog gets his tag caught on a heating/cooling vent, on a piece of furniture, or on a branch or fence outdoors. If the dog becomes ensnared and panics, injuries ranging from cuts and bruises all the way to fractures and strangulation can occur.


Embrace Pet Insurance shared a sad tale earlier this week of a client who lost their dog in an unimaginable collar related accident. While the owner was at work, her two dogs apparently began playing together and somehow their collars became entangled. In their frantic efforts to free themselves, one dog’s collar became dangerously tight. When the owner arrived home, she found one of her dogs deceased, still linked to the other by the collar.

So what can you do to protect your dog from becoming a victim of one of these terrifying, but preventable injuries? The folks at Pet Safe have a great solution. The patented breakaway safety buckle on the KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar has been designed to release and fall open when enough pressure is applied during play or when caught on something.


As a former veterinary technician, I have seen my share of collar related injuries. While breakaway collars for cats have been around for years, they were not a good option for dogs because of their strength and exuberance. A traditional breakaway collar would be history in seconds on a walk with an excited pup!


The KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar is different in that it has two metal rings, one on each side of the buckle. To attach a lead, you bring the two rings together and snap the leash through both. This keeps the buckle from releasing on a walk if your dog gets overzealous. See how it works below.

Not only do KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar provide you with peace of mind when you can’t be with your pup, they also come in great colors and start at only $9.99!

More than 96% of veterinarians will see a dog for a collar related injury this year. Don’t let your fuzzbutt be one of them. Educate yourself about Collar Safety so you can make an informed decision on behalf of your dog.

H/T to Pet Safe

Featured Image via Flickr

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

October 23, 2015

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