Make A Classy, Rustic Leather Collar For Your Tail-Wagger In The Comfort Of Your Home

Reviewed by Stacie Grissom

June 12, 2015

A couple weeks ago I FINALLY adopted my first pup, Pimm! When I brought Pimm home on the first day from the rescue, she didn’t have a collar. I started looking around on Etsy to buy her one but finally decided to just make one out of scrap leather I had around my apartment. (I make a lot of my own jewelry and accessories anyway!) Below I documented how you can make a leather collar for the pup ruv in your life.

You need:
Leather (I ordered a bunch of leather remnants on Ebay, just search “Lot of Leather Remnants”)
1-inch D Ring
-Buckle (You can use this style or this style, these are like the one I used from an old belt!)
Leather punch (Not 100% mandatory but you’d be surprised at how handy this is to have around when you need to make extra holes on a belt or something.)
-Sewing machine or a needle + thread

Step 1:
First you need to measure your dog’s neck and cut strips of leather that will fit around it. Make sure you add a couple extra inches so that you can have enough leather to attach the findings. To attach the buckle, extend one strip of leather farther than the other.

Step 2:
Next, punch a hole with the leather punch where you’ll need the lever of the buckle to fit through. Stitch one row of stitches to keep the second strip of leather in place.

Step 3:
Place the lever of the buckle through the hole.

Step 4:
Next, fold the longer strip of leather around the buckle.

Step 5:
And stitch it into place! I stitched a small square so that I could position the leather for the next step of adding the D ring.

Step 6:
Next, slip the D ring into position and stitch it into place as well.

Step 7:
After that, stitch the strips of leather together all the way around the collar!

Step 8:
After that, use the leather punch to punch holes in the size of your dog’s neck.

Step 9:
For the final step, I took a tiny strip of leather to make the part that holds the tail of the collar in place while your dog is wearing it. Slide the part onto the collar and you’re done!


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Reviewed by Stacie Grissom

June 12, 2015