21 Sweatshirts That Dog Lovers Will Never Want To Take Off

Throw on one of these cozy sweatshirts, grab your pup, and plop on the couch for a pawtastic snuggle fest! We won't judge you, we'll just be jealous. 1. Fur Our Conversation Sweatshirt, $50 Need something cozy, and an excuse to talk about your dog? This sweatshirt is a two-in-one! furourconversation 2. Dog Friend Sweatshirt, $42 This sweatshirt is perfect for those hoomans that can't decide which breed they want to represent. Today might be a Chihuahua day, tomorrow might be a Pug day, who knows? dogfriends 3. Stylin' Poodle Sweatshirt, $38 This sweatshirt looks supppeer snugly, and it comes in a variety of breeds (Corgi, Golden Retreiver, Pitbull, Lab, Beagle, German Shepard...just to name a few)! [caption id="attachment_55215" align="alignnone" width="620"]nicandthenewfie_poodle Source: Etsy[/caption] 4. Bull Dog Print Sweatshirt, $23 Who doesn't love a quirky French Bulldog print that comes in pink and blue? cute_bulldog 5. Dog Party Sweatshirt, $72 Handmade and screen printed onto jersey fabric--this is a dog-party you don't want to miss! [caption id="attachment_55217" align="alignnone" width="640"]merrimaking2 Source: Etsy[/caption] 6. Wake Up, Hug Dog Sweatshirt, $34 Good advice printed onto a slouchy, off the shoulder, sweatshirt--what more do you need? [caption id="attachment_55218" align="alignnone" width="640"]LittleAtoms Source: Etsy[/caption] 7. Dream In Space Sweatshirt, $42 It's a sleepy puppy in space on a soft cotton hoody--needless to say, this sweatshirt is outta this world! dreaminspace 8. Husky Typographic Sweatshirt, $28 It's all those words you use to describe your best friend, plus a visual representation. Don't have a Husky? Not to worry! This pullover comes in a variety of breeds! [caption id="attachment_55219" align="alignnone" width="640"]dogcityandco Source: Etsy[/caption] 9. Circus Dog Sweatshirt, $42 The perfect hoody for any owner of a four-footed, furry, clown. circusdog 10. Roar Dog Sweatshirt, £20 100% cotton and 100% every Chihuahua's dream. roar_sweat 11. Space Dog Sweatshirt, $42 Who wouldn't play frisbee in space with a UFO as the disk? Until that time (and we hope it's very soon) keep you and your pup inspired with this pawsome illustration from Society6! spacedog 12. Cattle Dog Sweatshirt, $42 Show your freckled-dog pride with this 100% California fleece sweatshirt! This pup looks proud and absolutely snug-able. [caption id="attachment_55203" align="alignnone" width="620"]cattledog Source: Society 6[/caption] 13. Disc Dog-Border Collie Sweatshirt, $42 It's a bird! No it's a plane! Wait--it's a Border Collie!!! discdog  14. Puppy Love Sweatshirt, $36 Your puppy obsession may not be surprising, but the cute heart shaped elbow patches on this sweatshirt are! lucyfranklin 15. Borzoi Sweatshirt, $42 Ahh the Borzoi--so regal, so classy, so...adorable on a hoody!!! borzoi 16. Almost Me, Chihuahua Sweatshirt, $50 These handmade sweatshirts feature embroidered portraits of your favorite breed! almostme 17. Doggy Day Sweatshirt, $42 It's a scribbly puppy that just makes you want to hug something! doggyday 18. Darth Vadar On A Walk Sweatshirt, $25 Perfect for any Hooman that enjoys a quiet night in, watching Star Wars with their pup. darthvadar 19. Up For Anything Pitbull Sweatshirt, $42 This sweatshirt is silk-screened by hand using non-toxic inks and is available in a variety of breeds! Pittbullhoodie 20. Welsh Terrier Sweatshirt, $42 This sweatshirt looks as cozy as a Welsh Terrier in a knit scarf! welshterrier 21. Sweatshirt with French Bulldog and Sequins, $16.50 Dress this up with a fun black skirt and platform shoes or wear it to pad around the house while you play hooky from work. French Bulldog Sweatshirt
Featured image via Lucy & Co.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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