27 Times BarkBox Toys Had Hidden Bonus Toys Inside, And YOU HAD NO IDEA

Written by: Samantha Erb

October 26, 2022

BarkBox subscribers know all about the oh-so beloved spiky balls smuggled inside many of their dogs’ favorite toys. They’re bumpy, they squeak, but the BEST part is tearing through the outer layers of a toy to find a brand new, untouched gem inside.

From getaway cars to undead mummies, BarkBoxes have been guarding secrets only your dog can reveal. The key? Let them take their destruction as far as it goes (supervised, of course) and enjoy the big reveal together!

BEHOLD: 27 times that secret hidden toy completely evaded you…

1. Stuck in a plush case of emotion.

Anyone would be a little prickly after such a shredding. We didn’t tell folks about Consuela the Cactus‘s disappointed insides before she debuted, opting instead to let dogs and their people discover that nugget of joy themselves.

2. Prom memories for years to come.

The “Squeakhearts Under the Stars” theme took pups on a whirlwind adventure of a night… awkward romances, spiked punch bowls, and an old-fashioned camera to capture it all. Funny how this toy ~developed~.

3. Such a pit-y for this pineapple.

Poor Penny the Pineapple. She just wanted to enjoy spring break with a little grace, a coconut drink, and remain in one piece. Alas, like any abruptly disrobed sunbather, her squeaky pit was a bit bashful.

4. Beware the curse of the fur-aoh.

Legend has it the “Age of the Furaoh” was wrought with dead who just didn’t have the decency to stay that way. It’s no surprise all that sarcophagus squeaking woke the King of the Nile from his unrestful sleep.

5. Not such a tough nut to crack.

Despite his friendly demeanor, Monsieur Acorn realized too late that he probably should have stuck with the squirrels. Don’t let his pouting get you down, he’s just trying to protect the BONUS-bonus spiky ball inside.

6. A gumball worth every quarter.

A happy-go-lucky gumball in a gumball machine? C’mon, we can’t tell you everything! Super sweet-toothed pups had no problem giving the ol’ chompers a good workout with the chewiest, squeakiest candy ever.

7. The joys of pillage & plunder.

c/o Breanna Graham/Facebook

Viking pups knew they’d encounter the mighty kraken on their raids, but no one explained how to defeat it. Fortunately for the one crew member-gone-overboard, pups could don their horned helmets and free him with their jaws of life.

8. Someone spiky-balled the punch bowl.

Ah, teenaged shenanigans. Or in this case, BarkBox designer shenanigans. The only surprise your prom night-goer will encounter at the dance is the disguised squeaker slice buried in the punch bowl.

9. A real “chew” toy by nature.

I.M. Slobbering’s Candy Shoppe featured all kinds of sweets and surprises, but pups had to work a little harder to rip open his carefully-wrapped gum pieces and blow some epic bubbles!

10. Chasing cars finally came in handy.

There won’t ever be a “one that got away” with dogs on the lookout. This hidden squirrel may have gotten a second chance at escape on two wheels, but we suspect he didn’t make it very far.

11. A gift for very good boys & girls.

c/o Elizabeth Moskow/Facebook

Even when they end up on the naughty list, we still love our dogs. It’s a good thing they appreciated the squeaky coal the Grinch so graciously delivered, even if it did take some effort to “unwrap.”

12. The (almost) master of disguise.

The sneakiest trickster of them all, this bushy-tailed imposter could never fool the most keen-nosed dogs. Glad Jelly put a stop to him—who knows who was listening in on that hidden wire…

13. The most miraculous metamorphosis.

We certainly HOPE you realized there was a beautiful butterfly sleeping within this tear-able chrysalis! Dogs simply had to help the transformation along to give this toy a second life.

14. The second mouse gets the cheese, and so does the first dog.

The Mouse King expects to be treated like royalty, but Mikhail Mouse never met your dog. Silence his squeaker for a Swiss surprise! (Alliteration FTW.)

15. A sort-of sticky situation.

Fall is for maple syrup, and syrup is for pancakes—you just have to figure out how to open the jug.

16. Alas, true love is fleeting…

The Bachelemur is ready to woo, but don’t fall too hard for his big eyes just yet… he quite literally has a red flag up his sleeve.

17. We’re not echiddin’ ya, this echidna loves his amber fluid.

This spiny anteater may have a full set of spiky armor in the wild, but it’s not much protection when your dog really wants to crack open a cold one, eh mate?

18. Valentine’s Day 2021 got a little spicy.

Burritos really do give us unconditional belly love, but beware of hidden heat—muy caliente!

19. These noodles (and your dogs love) will never expire.

First, boil water and place noodle block in pot. Stir. Remove flavor packet from inside cup and squeak before use.

20. The mischief possibilities are endless when youre home alone.

Always keep paint cans and VCRs handy when your humans accidentally leave for vacation without you.

21. The second-largest marsupial hides the world’s cube-iest poops.


INSIDE THE WOMBAT TOY IS CUBE POOP! @Tashalynn87 YOU WIN A WOMBAT!! Email [email protected] and we’ll mail u 1 ##animalsreact ##barkbox

♬ Shake Your Groove Thing – The Chipmunks & The Chipettes

Yup, wombat poop is cube-shaped. This toy is nature in action.

22. The platypus is a mutt at heart.

Biologically, it’s wrong, but in our hearts it feels right.

23. Only your dog is koalified to perform this toy-removal.

c/o Jessica Chen | Valerie Sloan/Facebook

Eucalyptus gets old after a while, okay? These rare blue marsupials are a great source of veggies.

24. A rose ceremony with a twist.

c/o Elizabeth Yuen/Facebook

If your dog hasn’t popped the question, his rose may be a bit of a late bloomer. Once you get past the thorns, the reward is dazzling.

25. Relax, it’s the circle of life.

The carnivores of the Galapagos islands may LOOK cute, but they still gotta eat. Don’t worry, this seal’s lunch survived.

26. Frosteeed Sooocks are more than good—they’re gross.

What good is a box of cereal without a toy inside? Raisin Bran could take some tips from us.

27. You shouldn’t over-water a cactus, but slobber doesn’t count.

Consuela’s long-lost cousin, Garcia, is a lot more appreciative of her liberation from this plush prison. In fact, you might say she’s at peace.

These tricky toys aren’t the only ones hiding out there, and they certainly won’t be the last! Sign up here to DOUBLE the stuff in your first BarkBox, free! That’s 4 toys, 4 bags of treats, and two meaty chews! You may find a few surprises along the way.

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Written by: Samantha Erb

October 26, 2022

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