12 Solutions For Curbing The Craziness Of Your High Energy Dog

Written by: Ally Nesmith

November 23, 2015

On my birthday in the second grade — because I would not shut up about it — my dad brought our Yellow Lab, Toby in to meet my class. I remember within seconds, Toby was on top of the desks crumpling papers and knocking posters off the walls with his ecstatically thwacking tail, all while my classmates squealed in delight.

We took Toby outside and all TWENTY THREE of us tried to walk him around the playground, he practically dragged my entire class through the dirt. It was madness, but we loved it. Twenty years later, I’m pretty sure I still have the callouses on my hands.

As fun as a high energy dog can be, there are times when you’ve got to get them to chillax, or at least redirect their energy. We’ve got some solutions to help you with that.

1. ChuckIt! Sports Launcher, $8-$17

ChuckIt’s line of ball launchers has been around extending fetch sessions and sparing countless dislocated shoulders for a few years now, but it still deserves top billing on our roundup of toys that will tire out your hyper hound.

Spare yourself having to handle a slobbery tennis ball and easily throw up to three times farther to make the most of playtime.


2. Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Launcher, $19-$25

Or turn your beloved fetch sessions up to 11 with this badass Kannon Ball Launcher for even more retrieving reverie.


3. Indoor Launcher, $13

Anyone (dog or man) who’s tried to play ball inside knows how disastrous that can be, this soft and squishy ChuckIt rendition makes sure your stuff stays safe…r.


4. Treat Maze, $17-$24

Mental and physical exercise unite in this fun and colorful “smart toy” with inner compartments to hide treats and encourage your pup to problem-solve.

treat maze barkshop


5. Odin Interlocking Puzzle Modules, $23

Great Odin’s Raven, that’s a tough toy! As your dog plays and problem-solves, tasty treat tidbits fall out and encourage further exploration. Equally aesthetically pleasing and doggie mind teasing, this mentally grueling gift will keep your dog busy all day.


6. BUSTER Activity Mat, $69

For rainy days when the park’s not an option, keep their brains busy with the BUSTER Activity Mat. This starter mat comes with three brain-teasing activities and, once your dog masters those, you can incorporate additional puzzles to keep their brain sharp.


7. Dog Tornado Interactive Toy, $44

Like a Masters class for your dog, the Dog Tornado may seem too tough at first but, with a little practice, your dog will be cracking this cipher faster than that dude from The Da Vinci Code.


8. Clicker Training & Obedience Classes, Price Varies

If your dog’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, take them to school! Obedience and other training courses are great ways to occupy a dog’s mind in new and challenging ways and to channel their extra energy into more productive (and less destructive) behaviors.

dog training

9. Bouncing Squirrel Tail, $14

Give your arm a rest with this bouncing squirrel tail that vibrates and jumps, keeping your pup entertained while you kick back and relax.


10. Zuke’s High Protein Dog Treats, $6.99

Running around in circles all day burns a lot of calories, be sure to supplement your dog’s hyper lifestyle with food and treats that pack a nutritional punch. Zuke’s makes a variety of high protein treats that your dog will love like a 90’s kid loves Flinstones Vitamins.


11. Avalon Water Fountain, $100

Like any athlete, dogs with lots of energy need to remember to stay hydrated! Make sure your dog always has plenty of cool, clean water available with this colorful water dispenser! Available in various colors and models.


12. Jax & Bone Kratos Prince Crate Covers, $159-$259

After a long day of playing and puzzling, your dog is probably (hopefully!) ready to crash. It’s important that hyper dogs have a designated, calm place to wind down. Make sure their nest is comfortable and free from distractions, these crate covers from Jax & Bone are perfect for letting your pup knows it’s time to chill out.


I also find that belly rubs are an excellent solution to getting your dog to sit still and relax – for a little while, anyway.

Feature image via @HaleyBearington/Instagram.

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Written by: Ally Nesmith

November 23, 2015

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