10 High End Fashion Brands You May Not Know Also Design For Pups

Written by: Stephanie Valente

September 15, 2015

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With the flurry of fall Fashion Week, it’s not surprising that some of the world’s most iconic fashion houses are making headlines with their latest in hooman trends. However, many of these brands aren’t just about those with two legs! Various well-known designers have also used their artistry and taste to create luxe and sophisticated pup accessories. So if you want to do the ultimate in spoiling your pup, or just incorporate your classy sensibilities into your doge’s life, here are 16 opulent pup products provided by luxury brands!

1. Haute House Pet Bed ($1,499)

Truly, this is a bed for canine royalty. Remember, it’s not just about being on point in our waking moments, but our dreaming moments too. 🙂

1 pet bed

2. Gucci Dog Carrier ($2,600)

Let’s get real. Travel with your pup in the epitome of luxury in this classic Gucci print pet carrier.

2 gucci dog carrier

3. GG Collection Personalized Dog Holder ($250)

Elevate meal time to the next level! It’s not just about what you feed your dog, it’s also about presentation.

3 gg pet bowl holder

4. Frida Firenze Waste Bag Carrier ($172)

Hey if you have to pick up poop, might as well look couture doing it! Onlookers might assume it’s a fancy bauble or key charm, but you’ll be all the wiser.

4 luisaviaroma poop bag

5. Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier 40 ($2,690)

A timeless Louis Vuitton dog carrier will keep you and your pup en vogue. The brand is famous for its suitcases and travel accessories, and of course they would provide a gorgeous way to jet-set with your pup!

5 lv dog carrier

6. Ralph Lauren Dog Trench Coat ($64.99)

Trenches are one of those pieces which are the most synonymous with style for humans. If you never fall out of style in a trench coat, neither will your dog!

6 ralph lauren trench

7. Ralph Lauren Skull And Crossbones Sweater ($69.99)

This sweater is the perfect combo of ruff and cool. This way, your pup can be warm AND chic!

8 ralph lauren sweater

8. Barneys Le Roar Dog Bed ($275)

This dog print silhouette bed is exclusive to the posh department store. Indulge your pup with a chic way to lounge and nap.

8 barneys le roar dog bed

9. Gucci Dog Collar ($335)

With its signature red and green, this collar has time-honored style and a little bit of ritz. Gucci reminds us that luxury is about good taste and bold colors–just like your pup, right? 😉

8 gucci dog collar

10. Frida Firenze Jeweled Collar and Leash ($432)

The deep green hue and gold hardware take this collar and leash duo to another luxe universe. If you’re always on the go from one gala or party to another, shouldn’t your pup have stylish collar and leash options so they don’t commit a style faux paw?

10 luisa collar n leash

11. Henri Bendel Dog Collar Charm ($28)

What is life without a little jewelry? Accessories make the outfit, therefore, they make the doge.

12 bendel bow

12. Mungo & Maud Dinner To Go Dog Bowl ($125)

The illustration on this dish is just darling, so when you’re popping from fashion show to fashion show in the tents with your pup, meal time can be a statement, not just a necessity.

13 mungo and maud bowl

13. Louis Vuitton Baxter Dog Leash GM ($440)

Every pup needs a tried and true leash. Why not go for this Louis Vuitton number which just emanates a bold, playful style?

14 lv dog leash

14. Louis Vuitton Baxter X-Small Dog Collar ($380)

This stunning collar is perfect for small pups and packs a punch, being both dapper and utterly polished.

15 lv bow dog collar

15. Coach’s #CoachPups Collections (Price dependent on item)


Maybe you use them for you, maybe you use them for your pup! These collections, curated by the dogs of Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Miranda Kerr, also have the best perk of all: an element of giving back! Donations in each of the pups’ names have been made by Coach to a rescue affiliated with each of the celeb dogs.

Exhausted after all the shopping to stay en vogue? If you need a round of pampering for you and your fashionista of a fido, stop by a 1 Hotels location, where you and your pup are sure to be treated in the luxurious manner you deserve!

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Written by: Stephanie Valente

September 15, 2015

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