11 Random Dog Products To Stuff Those Stockings

If Black Friday taught us all anything, it's that we don't even know what we want until we see it right it in front of us. And let’s face it – you can’t live without any of that stuff. A three-dish electric buffet? How did you go ALL YEAR without that? Or those penguin flannel pajamas? How could you forget how much you loved that movie that now happens to be in the $3 bin at Best Buy? With dog stuff, the good news is we’ve picked out everything you forgot to pick up all year. Here’s 14 dog products you and your pup somehow went all year without! 1. Table-top Crate Cover, $99.99 overstock-white-crate This lovely piece turns the unsightly metal crate into a piece of furniture everyone can enjoy and a table-top you can use! 2. Lauren Hancock Furniture Protector, $29.99 furniture-protector-hancock It’s the holidays. Chances are someone will be coming over. Now you’re looking at your furniture and realizing pet hair is just not an attractive accessory for furniture. Fear not. Furniture covers will solve your holiday woes. 3. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vacuum, $39.99 frys-shark-vacuum There are lots of vacuums on sale Black Friday. Lots of Dysons, Sharks, Dirt Devils, etc. But few are small, cordless and able to pick up pet hair. Shark’s Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vacuum is on sale for $29.99 at Frys Electronics, regular price $39.99. 4. Avalon Fountain, $100 shop Studies show fresh-flowing water is better for your pet than just filling up the old water bowl. The ceramic Avalon Fountain is one of the best and most beautiful models. 5. Faux Fur Dog Coat, $80 neiman-marcus-fur-coat Because fur is cruel unless you grow it on your body. Or buy the fake kind. :) Treat your pup to a taste of the luxurious life. 6. Straight Outta Compton t-shirt, $21.99 etsy-compton Bliss Mode on Etsy sells these Straight Outta Compton shirts for pups who want to represent. And what if your dog's not from Compton? Bliss Mode will customize the shirt for the city of your choice. 7. Two words: Bow Tie, $46 bow Your dog doesn't have a bow tie yet? Really?! Well don't settle for anything less than this darling little number by Crew La La. 8. Grinch Antlers, $30 max Is your dog more of a "Bah humbug" kinda pup? We understand. Get these Dr. Seuss-inspired antlers for the Grinch in your family. 9. Lots of delicious, healthy treats, $3 and up treats Now’s a great time to stock up on your dog’s favorite treats, which will come in handy when you need to distract them while you wrap presents or decorate the tree or bake cookies or basically do things that they can’t be part of all. Day. Long. 10. Dog Pride t-shirt, $22.99 peace-love-paws-shirt Peace Love and Paws is hosting 30% off sitewide on Black Friday. Just use the promo code “BlackFriday.” They have cute shirts, jewelry, car magnets and other cute gifts for dog loves. They have a shirt that says “nothing to wear but dog hair.” Maybe you should get one for your couch. 11. "In Dog We Trust" tote bag, $22 trust You're definitely going to need something to put all that new swag in! Try a tote from BarkShop, where you can get anything for the dog or hooman you want to make happy this holiday. Head to the Zappos website to find a participating rescue near you.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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