Rough It Jungle-Style With Super Chewer’s March Box Theme: “Madagascar Unleashed”

Reviewed by Samantha Erb

February 28, 2022

Your dog can squawk squeak with vanga birds, fetch with beetle balls, and leap with lemurs in the Super Chewer March box, “Madagascar Unleashed!”

What’s Inside The Super Chewer “Madagascar Unleashed” Box?

Boby Beetle

Meet the beetle! This toy is made of gnaw-friendly natural rubber and has an embedded squeaker for peak playtime squeaks! And its wacky bounce makes it one tough but fun bug to fetch.

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Misy Kalakao Moth

Toss this toy’s rubber body to launch a game of fetch. We’re sure your pup will be drawn to it. Or tug on the nylon straps for some tug-of-war fun. The reinforced twill wings will inspire some thrashing and gnashing.

Baobab Lemur

Leggo my lemur! This natural rubber toy has a plush tail, perfect for flinging, fetching, and thrashing. Its wacky bounce will have your pup going out on a limb.

Kamora Chameleon

It’s not easy being green—that is, unless you’re made of solid nylon. This toy is ready for a serious chew session, and it even freshened up for the occasion with a mint scent. Toss it outside for a game of fetch or to see a leaping lizard.

Vorona Vanga Bird

This bird is the word, and the word is chew. The nylon beak can take more than a pecking, and the natural rubber body is easy to grab and grip. Its vanilla scent will make your pup’s chew session all the more drool-worthy.

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Maro Millipede

Give your pup the creeps and some treats! Add some treats or kibble to this gnaw friendly, natural rubber toy for a more rewarding playtime. Toss it outside and hope your pup doesn’t bring it back to you!

Get this toy in the Double Deluxe box—upgrade your account to add two additional toys, two bags of treats, and two extra chews this month!

Bibikely Hissing Cockroach

Your dog can grab, grip, and chew to their heart’s content, and this durable nylon insect toy won’t hiss and tell. Place the toy on its back and give it a spin, or smear on some peanut butter for further engagement.

Valala Locust

Locusts practically invented the destructive swarm, so your dog can do their worst. This nylon toy was made for satisfying chew sessions with its gnaw-friendly texture and vanilla-mint scent. It’s also dishwasher safe, so much easier to clean up than, say, a plague.

Mihady Millipede

Made of nylon that’s easy to grab, grip, and chew, this millipede toy knows how to roll with playtime and has a vanilla-mint scent that’s both fresh and sweet. When your pup takes a break from gnawing, toss it in the dishwasher to shine up its shell.

Vorona Blue Vanga Bird

This bird is true blue for pups looking to chew. Made of gnaw-worthy nylon, your dog can have a satisfying chew session while basking in this toy’s vanilla scent. Dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

Lalao Frog

Lalao frog was made to play! Toss this natural rubber toy and watch it hop, skip, and jump with a wacky bounce that keeps games of fetch unpredictable. As long as you can hear the embedded squeaker, you know it hasn’t croaked.

Super Chewer Toy Size Chart

Reviewed by Samantha Erb

February 28, 2022