11 Sci-Fi Dog Toys For Pup Parents Who Love To Nerd Out

The best thing about dogs is that no matter how nerdy you are, they will never judge you. And to be honest, saying you’re a nerd is actually a good thing. It just means you’re passionate about something. In other words, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a “dog nerd”. But for those of you who are passionate about dogs AND sci-fi, here are some awesome pawducts so you and your pup can get your geek on together. Caution. Who doesn't love a good Austin Pawers reference? Without further ado: 1. Star Trek Dog Spock Hoodie, $39.95 Starfleet on fleek. spockhoodie 2. Star Wars Dewback Dog Costume. $29.99 Oh NO they dewdn't. Yes, yes they did. Just imagine your dog running around with a sandtrooper on his back. Epic. starwarsdewback 3. Space Rover Bandana, $5.00 Dogs already treat every walk like they're discovering life on a distant planet. It's only fitting they have the proper attire. geektoysroverbandana 4. Pet Raptor, $19.99 Who needs paws when you can have raptor claws? Hold on to your butts, because this exists. pet-raptor 5. Space Shuttle, $8.00 "Houston, there are no pawblems actually I am doing just great." Space Shuttle 6. Star Trek Enterprise Chew Toy $17.99 Your dog can boldly chew what no dog has chewed before. geektoysstartrekchew 7. DO NOT TRUST ATOMS Dog T-Shirt, $19.99 Science jokes, am I right?! geektoysatoms 8. Green Gremlin Poochlight™ Collar + Leash Value Combo, $63.17 IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. That is friggen pawesome. geektoysglowcollar 9. Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Dog Tug Toy, $5.99 Bacca was meant to be chewed. geektoyschewbacca 10. Thor Hammer, $6.92 For all of you Game of Bones fans out there. You're welcome. *Note, this is actually a kids toy, but it can also work as a dog toy because, this. Thor toy 11. The One Ring Leather Dog Collar in Gold Elvish Script , $59.00 geektoyslordoftherings

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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