Scout’s Gift Guide (For Himself)

dog gift guideWhile the BarkBox office humans call me a scrooge and grinch all year long, I do have a soft spot for the holiday season. What pup wouldn’t love all that extra feast food that falls to the floor after the humans drink too much brandy and eggnog? I realize that I live the dog’s dream with unlimited toys and treats to test all day long, but there are some trickier things on my wish list that I want to share with you all.


By Scout Tao
  • 1. A day out with my favorite ladydog and coworker, Frida. Of course I get to spend hour upon hour with this girl in the BarkBox office, but it would be refreshing to go on a weekend stroll through Rockefellar Plaza to see the giant Christmas tree. (Perhaps I’d even run into Jack Donaghy? A Schnauzer can dream. #HugeIdol)
  • 2. 28.75 hours in the dog park. Straight. Uninterrupted. Bliss. Then I would sleep for the next 28.75 hours.
  • 3. Dog beer. Because sometimes after a hard day’s work in the BarkBox office, a Schnauzer just needs to kick up his paws and relax with a cold brew.
  • 4. Infinite subscriptions to BarkBox for all the deserving dogs of the world. I work very hard to test all of the items that go in the BarkBoxes and I’d love for everyone to see the fruits of my labor. (I’m not bragging, just proud.) Can you think of a better gift for the dog in your life?
  • 5. A few serendipitous discoveries of yard treats in the next year. I sense the human judgement whenever we dogs consume one of these warm and fragrant treats, but they just don’t know what they’re missing. I suppose they’re called “street treats” here in New York City, though.
  • 6. No baths. Period. A ban on haircuts would be nice, but those serve their purpose in the summer months.


Stacy Grissom

9 years ago

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