Toss These Toys ‘Til They’re Outta Sight In Super Chewer’s “Peace & Ruff” Collection

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

August 16, 2021

Get totally stoked for Super Chewer’s hip new collection: “Peace & Ruff!” These toys are decked out with a whole lot of good vibes, squeaks, and smells. Right on!

Embrace the flower power with two tough, fluff-free toys designed by our talented in-house team, two full-size bags of treats, and two meaty chews!

Lava Champ

No, you’re not trippin’… over this toy if you pick it up off the floor.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Rubber treat dispenser
  • Don’t sweat it, this toy is totally cool to the touch
  • Size S + M/L Double Deluxe (Upgrade via your account for double the toys, treats, & chews! Not a subscriber? Sign up today!)

Peace Buddy

Decked out in the raddest threads this side of the backyard.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Squeaky rubber with vanilla scent
  • Sock it to your dog for some wicked outdoor fetch
  • Size S, M, + L Double Deluxe (Upgrade via your account for double the toys, treats, & chews! Not a subscriber? Sign up today!)

Hippie Hopper

Dude, it’d be a real bummer if this guy got stuck burrowing under the couch.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Hardcore with vanilla-scented rubber & dental scrubbers
  • Rip this far out fuzz to reveal the groovy grooves inside
  • Size S + M/L

Power Flower

Mellow out and gnaw, ya dig?

Toy Breakdown:

Make Ruff Not War

Hang loose with this heart, its jazzed to be chewed.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Peanut butter scent
  • Gnarly nylon, man
  • Size S + M/L

Super Chewer Toy Size Chart

Super Chewer FAQS

What Is Super Chewer?

Each Super Chewer box includes two durable, fluff-free toys, two full-size bags of treats, two meaty chews, and a metric ton of happiness every single month.

How Does It Work?

You tell us all about your awesome dog and choose your subscription plan. Sign up for a 6-month, 12-month, or monthly plan starting at $29/mo, and prepare for lots of tail wags and zoomies!

Can I Customize My Box?

Chew bet you can! Tailor all toys, treats, and chews however you like. Does your dog have chicken allergies? No clucking treats from us. Don’t like fuzz on your toys? Got it.

You can even switch up your box item ratios with fewer toys and more treats, all toys, no chews, whatever makes your pup happy. Just reach out to our Happy Team and we’ll make it happen. (Please email [email protected], message us on Facebook or Instagram, or use the live chat feature at

What If My Dog Destroys A Toy?

You have a determined pup on your hands! Don’t worry, if your dog defeats his nylon nemesis, we’ll replace it with something more suitable, no questions asked.

Even the coolest cats are dogs with a monthly Super Chewer subscription!

P.S. New subscribers are not guaranteed the month’s featured theme as their first box. If you would like to sign up and receive this theme, please contact our Happy team at [email protected]!

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

August 16, 2021