A Smarter Dog Food Bowl Might Be On Its Way

Feeding your dog is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of dog ownership, and you want to make sure you attend to it as best as you can. Why not enlist the possibilities of modern technology to better measure your dog’s portions? That’s what the team behind Obe ProBowl has in mind.

ProBowl seeks to take the guesswork out of feeding your dog, and make it a measurable metric that you can easily track from your phone.


Just enter your dog’s essential information (their weight, the brand of food they eat, etc.) and ProBowl personalizes a feeding schedule. But they don’t create these recommendations out of thin air. ProBowl also takes time over the first few weeks to recognize the schedule you’re on for feeding your dog, and integrates this information into their calculations. And it’s very user friendly.


The ProBowl promises to help regulate your dog’s diet in a number of ways. The bowl doubles as a scale, with an illuminated band that automatically glows red if you pour too much food in the bowl. The app also helps you get a better sense of sudden changes in your dog’s eating habits. So if your dog suddenly loses her appetite or suffers an allergic reaction, you’ll be in better position to observe it and investigate what this might mean. If your dog is overweight, the app can recommend a strategy for calorie reduction, to help guide your dog to a healthier target weight.


ProBowl makes it easier for you when you need a dog sitter, because all the information they need about how to feed your dog is programmed into the system. The app even knows when it’s time to reorder dog food and can handle the task automatically!


They’re aiming for a release in September 2016 and are accepting pre-orders now as part of their search for grassroots investment support. You can learn more about ProBowl at their Indiegogo page and in the video below.

Featured Image via ProBowl and h/t Fast Company

Will Storie

6 years ago