Special Tag Helps Pup Parents Find Lost Dogs

Written by: Stacie Grissom

July 25, 2014

When it comes to dog parent fears, losing a pup is at the top of the list. Finding a lost pet is no easy task but there are some products that make it a bit easier. BARKCODE is a company that takes the traditional dog collar tag to the next level. Their collar tags have QR codes and profiles for your dog so your dog’s finder can see medical info, multiple phone numbers, city license data, and reward information.

The stories below come from Rose Ann Hack, the co-founder of Close to Home Animal Rescue who uses the BARKCODE tags on the dogs from her organization. The six pups below were all safely found using BARKCODE after they escaped.

1. Dallas

Dallas (3)

One Saturday afternoon Dallas dug her way out of her foster’s fenced-in yard. Rose searched high and low for Miss Dallas and posted her all over Facebook but she couldn’t catch the missing pup. Finally, when Dallas got tired and hungry, she wandered into a yard where the family spotted her BARKCODE tag. They scanned it and found all of Dallas’ rescue information. They called the phone numbers and Dallas was safe back in Rose’s home in 10 minutes!

2. Rummy

rum (2)

Rummy was a bit of a rescue challenge for Rose. She was a puppy mill survivor and not socialized. Because of this, one day Rummy squeezed out of her foster home’s fenced-in yard. Because Rummy wasn’t fond of people, Rose had little hope of getting her back. Search parties went out scouring the areas, flyers were hung, and many phone calls were made but it wasn’t until some neighborhood kids figured out a way to safely confine Rummy. The kids saw the BARKCODE tag and asked their mom what to do. She went onto her computer and put in the code on the back of it id tag. She was able to contact all 4 numbers on the profile and Rose got Rummy back that day!

3. Brandi

Brandi (2)

Brandi’s story is a bit different from the other pups. Brandi was adopted to a great family who kept her BARKCODE tag on after they adopted her. One day Rose received a call saying, “We have your dog, Brandi.” Rose realized that Brandi was one of her previous rescues and her new family left Rose as a backup contact. Because Brandi’s mom was in the hospital for an emergency, Rose took Brandi until they were able to get in touch with Brandi’s mom and get her back home safely!

4. Mini Coco
Mini Coco
Just like Brandi, Mini was one of Rose’s previous adopted pups. One day Mini tipped over her pen in the backyard and went on an afternoon stroll around the neighborhood. Someone located Mini and called Rose from their car after they scanned Mini’s BARKCODE tag after they couldn’t get in contact with her mom. When Rose finally got in contact with Mini’s mom 30 minutes later, she was very thankful because she didn’t realize Mini had escaped!

5. Freckles


Even though Miss Freckles had a broken leg and a cast at the time of her escape, she still wiggled out of her foster’s fence. Because Freckles was lost overnight, Rose feared for her safety due to her limited mobility. Luckily Freckles got hungry and a concerned neighbor was able to call Rose with help from her BarkCode tag. Miss Freckles was home the next day!

6. Hailey


Hailey is a mischievous Beagle who loves playing outside. For some reason at 1 am, Hailey decided to go outside and dig under the fence. At 3am Rose received a call saying, “Hailey is at my house and my Boxer is NOT happy!” Haley was peacefully sitting on the porch relaxing while her rescuer’s boxer went nuts barking at her. Rose contacted one of her volunteers and Hailey was safe back home in 20 minutes!

If you’d like to get a BARKCODE tag for your pup to make a rescue profile in case they get lost, visit here!

Featured image from Know Your Meme

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Written by: Stacie Grissom

July 25, 2014

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