Get Ready For Reindeer Games™ With Super Chewer’s “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer®” Toys & Treats

Reviewed by Samantha Erb

November 11, 2021

A Super Chewer toy may be rough ‘n’ tough on the outside, but it’s never truly happy until it’s been loved, tossed, and chewed by a dog. We strapped this limited-edition “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer®” box to Yukon Cornelius’s dogsled and are ready to send them mushing to your door!

Take to the skies for high-flying fetch with two fluff-free toys designed by our talented in-house team, two full-size bags of treats, and two meaty chews! Take a closer look inside this collection:

Reindeer Games™ Rudolph®

Tell Rudolph he’s cute and he’ll soar through the air! Once they fetch him, dogs can lovingly rip ‘n’ reveal a rubber, treat-dispensing jingle bell core.

Sam The Snowman™

On a scale of toss to chew, silver and gold don’t rank highly in your dog’s book. Lucky for this rubber snowman (or nylon, if that’s what you prefer), he’s all bounce and ready for squeakin’.

Ruff N’ Tumble Bumble™

Is your dog yeti to take on this ferocious snowmonster? Bumble’s long ‘n’ strong plush exterior tears away to reveal a squeaky, bouncy rubber core—don’t worry, it sounds far less abominable than barking at squirrels.

Yukon Cornelius™

Gadzooks! This scented rubber peppermint was inside Yukon the whole time, and all he needs is your dog’s help to mine it—just keep an eye out for rogue Bumbles.

Get this toy in the Double Deluxe box—upgrade your account to add two additional toys, two bags of treats, and two chews this month!

Yukon™ Pickaxe

Toss this toy and have your dog give the peppermint-scented nylon a lick to see if they’ve struck gold! Candy, that is.

Get this toy in the Double Deluxe box—upgrade your account to add two additional toys, two bags of treats, and two chews this month!

Holly Jawly Tree

This not-so-giant tree has help from the world’s furriest interior decorator—and now your dog! With a vanilla-scented rubber core, pups only need to tear away the fabric cover to help Bumble place the star on top.

Rudolph® Chew

Whether it’s red and shiny or wet and cold, no nose is a bad nose. Paw and jaw this solid nylon Rudolph in all his magical, peanut butter-scented glory—he’ll never say no to Reindeer Games.

Misfit Elephant™

He may be a misfit, but this vanilla-mint-scented pachyderm still has a whole lot of love to give. His solid rubber body makes for an unpredictable bounce and even more zig-zagging games of fetch.

Misfit Plane™

Made with solid, vanilla-scented nylon and durable wings to grab and grip, this plane will have more fun with your dog on the ground than he ever would in the sky.

Misfit Tugboat™

Forget the toot toot!—this tug boat squeaks to announce its arrival, with fun textures and chew-ready rubber any four-legged misfit would love.

Super Chewer Toy Breakdown

Treat your perfectly imperfect misfit to the magic of a Super Chewer subscription!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer © & ®/™ The Rudolph Co., L.P. All elements under license to Character Arts, LLC. All rights reserved.

Reviewed by Samantha Erb

November 11, 2021