9 Treats And Toys For The Jet Set Pup In Your Life

If there's one thing Bijou knows better than other pooches, it's travel. For her, "home" is just theplace you nap between adventures! For dogs with wanderlust as profound as Bijou's, you can find the perfect gifts at! (And during the 12 Days Of Dogsmas, you get a FREE GIFT with purchase!) 1. Poop Bag Dispenser Add a bit of beauty when you do your duty: pick up after your pup with these Poo Poetry poop bags! poop 2. 101 Sign Stuck in traffic? The giant two-way squeaker is a great gridlock distraction, perfect for channeling your dog’s road rage into a rough-and-tumble playtime. hi 3. Palm Tree Cruisin’ down the California freeway, you can’t miss these palm trees from Loopies, stuffed with squeakers in the trunk and palm fronds. surf 4. Love Thy Beast Carrier Floored with a sturdy footpad and secured with a clip for harnesses and collars, this bag is designed with your mutt's comfort and safety in mind. charlie 5. Travel First Aid Kit With this Dog First Aid Kit, you can keep your pup safe on all your excellent adventures. aid 6. Sfizis: Stocking Stuffer Chicken Little Recipe These chicken dog treats taste so good, your pup will think he’s caught a real bird! bri 7. Gunnar Travel Mat Tired of sharing a sleeping bag with Fido after a day of hiking? Put your pup up in style with this rugged travel mat from Billy Wolf. mat 8. Taxi Toy Pups love this plush NYC taxi just as much as you hate the real thing! cab 9. Nomad Travel Bowl Easy to pack and carry, easier to set up, these lightweight bowls are perfect for keeping your pack well-fed and hydrated away from home. frank Check out the 12 Days of Dogsmas song that inspired the collection! Don't furget, during the 12 Days Of Dogsmas, you get a FREE GIFT with purchase!

Hope Bobbitt

5 years ago

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