9 Treats And Toys For The Party Animal In Your Family

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

December 3, 2016

Bruno is a Bulldog who puts the animal in “party animal.” Listen carefully on a Friday night and you just might hear Bruno howling at the moon!

For true party animal pups like Bruno, you can find the perfect gifts at! (And during the 12 Days Of Dogsmas, you get a free gift with purchase!)

1. Party Animal Noise Maker

New Years? Get ready to hear your dog sing Auld Lang Squeak!


2. Dog Perigean Champagne Bottle

Time to pup the cork and celebrate with a bottle of Dog Perignon!


3. Bacon Brew Biscuits

When the clock strikes Beer o’clock, open up a bag of these biscuits and share a brew with with your favorite drinking buddy: your dog!


4. Bijou’s Glass of Bubbly

Say “Cheers” with Bijou’s Glass of Bubbly, a treat-fillable champagne flute dog toy your dog can’t wait to sip (and chew).


5. Drop the Mic Toy

Give BarkYe West a run for his money with this Drop the Mic dog toy.


6. Beer Can Toy

This super-tough dog chew toy, shaped like a beer can, is your dog’s next great challenge.


7. Celebrate Party Hat

So the ball’s about to drop and you’re looking for a big slobbery kiss. Get your favorite furry partygoer the Party Hat, a shiny, squeaky toy that turns any playtime into a 3-2-1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!


8. Ziggy’s Disco Fries Treats

Disco Fries. Need I say more?


9. Orbee Tuff Bulb

Don’t be fooled by their ‘vintage lights’ look; these babies are alllll chew toy.


Check out the 12 Days of Dogsmas song that inspired the collection!

During the 12 Days Of Dogsmas, you get a free gift with purchase!

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

December 3, 2016