Unboxing with Bridget the Yellow Lab

Oh hai! My name is Bridget, and I'm a BarkBox home-dog. (Not this kind of homedog, silly.) I'm a BarkBox dog that lives at home in Indiana while my sister, Stacie, works at the BarkBox HQ in New York City.


You see, I'm a big fan of fresh-air-running, cat-chasing, and creek-swimming-- so I prefer to spend my days in the Midwest. The whole New York life doesn't really fit me so I told Stacie that it was totes cool for her to go out into the world and make dogs happy at BarkBox. Plus-- I get to test out all of the BarkBoxes that Stacie sends to me. : )


Recently Stacie came home and we decided it'd be a great idea for me to share my thoughts on the December BarkBox in video form. And if anyone needs tips on the good swimming ponds for the next time you're in Indiana, I'm the dog for you. : )

Ruv ya!




Hope Bobbitt

9 years ago

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