An Illustrated Guide To The Different Breeds Of New York City Dog Parents

New York City boasts great diversity nearly everywhere you look. That's especially true if you look at a dog park. Not only are there dogs of every shape, size and smell, but their humans are also wonderfully unique and specific. Illustrator/cartoonist/genius David Ostow noticed this, too. As he told Buzzfeed, he was inspired after dog-watching/people-watching in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. For every eccentric dog he saw, he realized there was an equally odd (if not moreso) counterpart: that dog's human. Without further ado, here is David's helpful (and hilarious) guide to the different "breeds" of NYC dog owners you're likely to encounter: guide to nyc dog owners 1. The Canine Doppelgänger canine doppelganger 2. The Snobbish Observer snobbish observer 3. The Bookish Setter bookish setter 4. The Wire-Haired Gabber wire_haired gabber 5. The Long- And Short-Haired Gutterpunk long_andshort_haired gutterpunk 6. The New Yorkie the new yorkie 7. The Sporting Gadget Hound sporting gadget hound 8. The Melty-Poo melty-poo 9. The Doting Kinderhund doting kinderhund 10. The Studied-Up Pointer studied_up pointer Want more? Be sure to follow David's awesome comic creations on his Instagram and his website.
Featured image via @oscomics/Instagram
H/t Buzzfeed

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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