The Perfect Father’s Day Gift For Every Kind Of Dog Dad

Written by: Katie Kirnan

June 7, 2016

Everyone knows that men can be difficult to shop for, and dog dads are no exception. This can make Father’s Day — a holiday created specifically to celebrate these dingus-loving dinguses! — a little stressful. Luckily Pop Your Pup!™ offers the perfect gift for dog dads.

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Pop Your Pup!™ takes your dog dad’s favorite dog photo and transforms it into a cool, comfy, drool-worthy graphic tee that perfectly captures their unconditional love. The folks at Pop Your Pup!™ will collaborate with you to create a unique, epic display of the one-of-a-kind bond between a dad and his dog. It’s the ideal gift for every type of pup pop.

1. The Outdoorsy Dad


Like his dog, this dad loves things au naturel: the beach, the breeze, a nice spoonful of organic, no-stir peanut butter. So this dad would also love the fact that every piece of Pop Your Pup!™ art — including his — is specially crafted by a graphic designer. No apps, no filters.

Besides, this dad doesn’t use filters on his Instagram. The beautiful places he and his dog explore don’t need ’em.

2. The Undeniably Sexy Dad


This dad is a looker. (C’mon, we were all thinking it.) But this pop is all about his pup — who also happens to be a beaut. This dad can’t even take his eyes off his dog long enough to take a proper photo. In fact, the ONLY one looking at the camera in this picture is the PRINTED DOG on the shirt. Oh well. The truth is, this good-looking duo do everything together: eat, work, sleep, play, and just generally look amazing… so they might as well wear cute matching outfits like this one, too.

3. The Hip Dad


This dad is cool. He’s got tattoos, but he doesn’t make you ask about them (instead, you just end up asking him, because they’re pretty awesome). He’s got a lovely French Bulldog, but he still wants to hear how your day went. He’s even got a head and a face, but he doesn’t feel the need to show it in every picture. Oh, and he literally uses his hip to support his dog — so he’s hip in truly every sense of the word.

Even though this dad is cool, like any dog dad, he knows that his best feature is his dog, so he lets his pup shine. With that sassy head tilt, this graphic tee perfectly captures this Frenchie’s spunky personality and effortless cool. Like father, like son.

4. The Goofball Dad


This dad loves a good chuckle, or, as he calls them, “knee-slappers.” With
Pop Your Pup!™ , you can choose any photo you want — like that classic photo of that classic moment when your Golden Retriever put not one but TWO tennis balls in its mouth. You’re gonna want to remind people about that. Classic.

Plus, Pop Your Pup!™ allows you to choose between different colors, background designs, and shirt styles, so you can choose the perfect style that will keep this goofball slapping his knees long after Father’s Day has come and gone.

5. The Young Dad


Sure, he may be the only one at the dog park without a 5 o-clock shadow, but don’t let this young man’s age fool you — he’s wise beyond his years. Consider this: he was smart and thoughtful enough to become a dog dad, so clearly he’s making all the right calls when it comes to life.

This sweet, socially conscious dog dad would also be thrilled to learn that a portion of Pop Your Pup!™ profits are directed to organizations that help animals in need.

6. The Adventurous Dad

sgalla3 and pop your pup copy

This dad and his dog are always up for exploring, whether it’s checking out a cool hike, testing out the latest treats, or proudly sporting their new graphic tee. After all, what says “I love my dad and I love this shirt” more than that big, happy tongue?

Create a custom design of your favorite dog dad and his best buddy by visiting Pop Your Pup!™!

This post is paw-wered by the folks at Pop Your Pup™Pop Your Pup™ is an interactive clothing brand. Amplify your puppy love with one of their custom graphic tees.

Featured image via @laurentfrangie & @popyourpup/Instagram

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Written by: Katie Kirnan

June 7, 2016

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