Two New Dog Breeds Inducted Into The American Kennel Club

Ahh, the sweet smell of inclusion! Two dog breeds, the American Hairless Terrier and the Sloughi, were welcomed as official breeds of the American Kennel Club early yesterday afternoon. Although these breeds have been around for years, their welcoming into the AKC now means they can participate in official AKC competitions and shows. 1. American Hairless Terrier terrier 1 The American Hairless Terrier is a small to medium sized dog known for it's energetic and friendly demeanor. This intelligent breed is instinctually an avid hunter, familiar with taking down vermin and other small creatures. Although their hairless coat makes them undesirable as game hunters, they are considered one of the best breeds for people with allergies. aht 2. Sloughi sloughi1 In contrast to the Hairless Terrier, the Sloughi is a a larger, ancient breed from North Africa. These dogs are favored for their keen hunting instinct, agility, and grace. Noted as having noble and aloof demeanors, these gentle giants are suitable for all kinds of family structures. Just make sure to have plenty of land before picking up one of these pooches. puppitino Welcome to the American Kennel Club you two!
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Featured image via CBS News

Hope Bobbitt Writer

6 years ago

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