15 Dogs Who Tried To Fit Through A Cat Door And Failed

Cats are an inconvenience in almost every way imaginable. We know this, as staunch dog people, but for some reason there are still “cat people” and “cat products” and as these 15 dogs had to unfortunately find out the hard way, “cat doors”.

Now, the reason why a cat would want to go outside escapes my understanding completely, quite like Lady Gaga’s album ARTPOP or the club scene in Black Swan.

Yet these doors exist.

The pups– no–these innocent, furry victims of feline outdoor accessibility are true testaments to the ruthless practices of cats everywhere. WE MUST STOP THEM. LOOK AT THESE DOG’S FACES.

1. He needed to get inside to catch the series premiere of The O.C. when it was on air. He missed it because of this cat door.
dog in door

2. This dog is trying to remain optimistic. We applaud his efforts.
head fits

3. All this pup wanted to do was play in the snow. You know why he couldn’t? Do you really want to know why? The cat door.
dog door

4. We were unable to obtain any information as to where exactly this dog was trying to go / who he was running away from / if he was in fact levitating, but we couldn’t. Because he’s still stuck in this cat door.

5. This dog rose above and attempted to #DestroyTheCatDoor. However, he failed. Please notice and fear the ungodly resilience of the cat door.
black dog in door

6. How have we not done something about this already?

7. Another dog with big dreams. Another dog with hope for a brighter tomorrow. Another dog… trapped in a cat door.
dog in door meme

8. Although this dog looks calm on the outside, internally he is screaming: “ACCOMMODATE ME, DAMN IT!” over and over again.
pibble in cat door

9. Do you think Ruth Bader Ginsberg knows about the injustice of cat doors? Someone should call her.
dog in cat door

10. This is basically a reenactment of the scene in Titanic when Jack let go after being *specifically* told not to. This cat door is literally as awful as the depths of the icy Atlantic.

11. It’s hard to look at. I know.
dog in cat toy

12. We can barely make out the emotion in this dog’s eyes, but from what we can glean, it’s “annoyed beyond articulation.”
black doog in door

13. In this image, you can actually see where the door was ripped off from. I would consider this image to be “graphic”.
sad dog in door

14. “No.” – this dog.



Featured image via sandy suff

Jonathan Graziano

6 years ago