Video Compilation Of Squishy Faces Proves Pugs Are Officially The Best

If you looked me in the eye and asked: "tell me one negative thing about a Pug or I will punch you in the face," I'd look you in the eye and say: "hit me with all you've got." Pugs are, by definition, the perfect breed. They can barely breathe through their noses, they can barely move without waddling, and they are notoriously gassy. They are the perfect breed of dog. Need more proof of their undeniable superiority than simply the words of an adjacent-to-obsessed Pug lover? Please sit back, relax, and absorb in full this video from the brilliant (and obviously Pug-centric) minds at The Pet Collective showcasing the undeniable truth of Pug perfection.
Featured image via The Pet Collective

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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